Vive Le Priceline

I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had to use a credit card beforehand, or the fact that the idea of William Shatner leading a “big ol’ conga line” scared the living crap out of me, but before tonight I had never actually attempted to secure a deal through Priceline. At the urging of my new friends at the Cruise Critic community I decided to give it a go for the hotel I needed in Miami for the night before our January cruise. I always fly in a day early just in case, especially during the winter.
I decided to go for the gusto and grab Miami Downtown, a short walk from the Port of Miami, and thus ensuring an expensive suite hotel AND no need for a cab or shuttle bus the following morning. I entered a bid of $35USD and picked a 3-star hotel (the highest you can go is 4, and only one hotel in Miami Downtown is classed that high). Much to my surprise, I immediately had my bid accepted by the sweet Hyatt Regency, a hotel that runs $215USD a night if you book it through their website. Couple that with our $175CDN round trip flight from Buffalo to Lauderdale and back booked via and I’m tracking down some massive deals thus far.
So remind me again what we all did before the Internet?