MC Rj the Zonkin’ Pimp, Yo!

You may have noticed the Zonkboard has gone out of control for apparently no reason whatsoever. And while the dirty poop that litters the right hand side of my beloved website would seem to occur for no good reason, this is what happens when you group bloggers together. In the old days, geeks in groups discussed D&D and skeleton keys. Nowadays, it’s apparently sex. The reasoning behind all this? I’m now a Zonkin’ Pimp. Check that link out, and have some fun posting messages. They’re all very nice people once you get to know them, even if they seem a bit left of centre right now. ;)

I got the call from The Angry Tomato to come by and help in the kitchen with lunch today, and worked the 12-3 shift. Lots of fun again, I really enjoy making food for people. It’s even cooler when people stick their head in the kitchen and let you know how much they liked it. At least I know I’m producing something edible AND pleasing. I even got to make my own lunch, which ended up being a Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries.

Off to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and the Leafs game. It was my Grandparents for dinner last night. With Mar gone the family is making sure I’m fed and rested I guess. I’ve probably dropped about 5-10 lbs in the last two weeks and my grandfather thought I was “on something” because my eyes were shifty.. hehehe.. I told him I was hooked on Green Tea and Chai Tea, which is true. I can’t get enough of it, but I imagine these levels of caffeine aren’t the best..


Preferring It Back Inside

The last week and a half have truly been a whirlwind – the next few days should be a welcome respite from the constant movement. When I had noted in Vegas below that “sleep won’t be an option” I wasn’t lying – as it turned out I didn’t sleep my last two days there. I managed to squeeze a lot of sights and sounds into those two days, though, so I don’t regret it. The plane ride home was murder because everything on me wanted to shut down and crash, but because I had a changeover I couldn’t just lie back for hours and sleep. When I got back it was catching up on my precious Survivor and Big Brother, then up Sunday for a family dinner at my grandparents. Monday was spent catching up on lost work, then Tuesday and Wednesday at The Angry Tomato to learn some on-the-job cooking in a professional kitchen. That was a lot of fun, and I don’t *think* I messed anything up. All’s well that ends well, right? Then today it’s back catching up on work and I have to leave in two hours for cooking class in Toronto. And just when I think I can see the other side, I’ve remembered I’ll be getting three more movies to review tomorrow – and trust me, this is much harder work than I ever thought it was. I still enjoy watching the movies, but the 4-5 hours I need to allocate to each movie for the in-depth reviews is just too much.

That said, I’ve now added a new menu option on your left with links to the last two weeks worth of DVD reviews, in case some of you are interested. Clive suggested I add a rating system, which I have for the past few weeks. Thanks to him for that suggestion. But I haven’t stopped there…

Gaming Jackpots, my gaming site, launched a suite of free casino games in Flash today. They look pretty nice, all the popular games are there, and you get 1000 free credits to start. I can always add more if you bottom out, just e-mail me. I’ve placed a link on your left under Fun Junk in case any of you are bored and want to play a little Blackjack or some Slots. There are other games there too. Hopefully you enjoy them!

And for those that asked what I got to make in the restaurant the last two days – a lot of House, Greek, Caesar, Grilled Chicken Caesar, and Blackened Chicken Ceasar salads; Garlic Bread (with and without cheese); Chicken and Goat Cheese Salad; Blackened Chicken Wrap; Club Wrap; Chicken Wrap; Veal Sandwich; French Fries; Sweet Potato Fries; Blackened Chicken Pasta; Cauliflower Soup; Pasta Pomodoro; Breaded Veal; and Margarita, Ariana, and Louisiana Pizza. You can check out the menus here and here.

Now it’s off to class to make a Lasagna..



As part of my wind down from Vegas I’ve already put together the video presentation of the few shots I took while I was there. Check it out if you’re interested by visiting the Gallery. Some info you may not get out of just watching it:

  • Yes, that’s a meat locker Steve is pointing to.
  • The outdoor concert was being given by George Thorogood.
  • The restaurant after the Starbucks is Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House.
  • Yes, those lions were right above my head.

I think that sums it up. :)

So now, today, I try my hand at true professional cooking for the first time! Jeff has invited me up to try my hand at two lunches at The Angry Tomato, learn the ropes a bit, and see how it goes. This mixed in with my next eight weeks of cooking school should go a long way towards putting me where I want to be as a chef.


Comments! Comments!

My rathole for comments! Ok, so you might now know where that’s from, but that don’t matter. What DOES matter is I’ve finally switched over to a better Blogging (ie. web logging) program to make these journal entries effective NOW. Not much difference for you yet, although things will continue to change. However, at the bottom of each journal entry you’ll notice a “Comments” option. Click on that and speak your mind! It’ll be there for the world to see – I want everyone to use it, I spent a lot of time getting them there. I also need to thank GoalieGirl for giving me that final boost that got this working right – props, baby!

Also, another change – the Desktop picture on the left is now a Deskcam. What that means is what you see in that window is what’s on my Windows desktop right now – work and all. Whatever I’m doing is broadcast up there. Of course, this means I need to watch my surfing habits a bit more carefully, but it should be fun.

Phew – a busy day here – I’m off to The Angry Tomato for dinner.


I realized last night that

I realized last night that when people say “it feels good to do something nice”, they lie. They lie really bad. A more correct quote might be “it feels good to HAVE DONE something nice.” There is a large difference. Here’s the story – for those of you that aren’t Catholic, there’s this thing every few years called World Youth Day – this year, it takes place in Toronto. In 1984 the Pope gave a cross to the “children of the World” and they have since been taking turns carting all around the World. Well, inexplicably, said cross ended up in Bolton last night – population few. The decision had been made that a procession would be made straight up Highway 50 (the main drag) from the main Catholic church to the Catholic school on the North Hill (Bolton is basically a big old valley). So they needed volunteers to first help direct cars into the provided spaces, and then to stop other cars from driving on the highway and running down the youth of the World and their big old cross. Being a good boy I volunteered to help the Rotary group do this. So I slapped on my cool construction guy vest with the reflectors, parked cars, then moved over to a plaza along 50 housing a Petro Canada.

Oh, and then the fun began.

It quickly became apparent to me what happens when you take all the Christians and put them on the street walking a cross. Why, the evil, foul, and generally objectionable people are all that remains. Apparently. You name it, I was called it.

Rick: “Well, you could park your car, walk across the street and get the pizza, then walk back to your car.”
Irate Driver: “ARE YOU F–KIN’ KIDDING ME!?!”
Rick: “No.”
Irate Driver: “FOR F–K’S SAKES!!!!”
Rick: “Ok.”

Rick: “You can cross downtown at King or south at Mayfield – take Coleraine along the back to get there.”
Irate Old Man: “BUT I JUST NEED TO GET THERE!!!” (pointing frantically across the street)
Rick: “Well, I guess you’ll have to drive there or there, eh?” (pointing north at King, south at Mayfield)
Rick: “Can’t say that again, can ya?”
Rick: “Sorry, Sir, next year I’ll bring my cross somewhere else.”

Irate Young Girl: “HOW DO I GET HOME?”
Rick: “You can cross downtown at King or south at Mayfield – take Coleraine along the back to get there.”
Irate Young Girl: “WHAT!!!!!????”
Rick: “You can cross downtown at King or south at Mayfield – take Coleraine along the back to get there.”
Rick: “Not here you can’t. At King or Mayfield you can.”
Rick: “So I guess you’re not interested in waiting to see the cross then, eh?”


I phoned my Mom afterwards and said she wasn’t very popular around town seeing as I was a mother-this and a son-of-a-that. I was hit by three car bumpers of cars who were rather insistent on crossing the street, regardless of the fact that I was between them. I had one guy get on the highway so I got in front of him and told him to get back in the lot. He yelled a bit and I said sorry, nothing I can do, they give me this vest and now I wield supreme executive power upon the entire city (“MOOHAHAHA!!!”) and he said “ok, I’ll go back”. So I moved out of the way and he quickly ripped across the street anyways. But thank God for small victories, as one of the patrolling police cars quickly sped over to nab him as he entered the other plaza. :)

Long-winded but I had to vent I suppose. What a day. I’m happy to say that my parents and I closed the experience off with a most excellent dinner at The Angry Tomato – the spicy corn chowder and chicken creole were dead-on, props to the Chef.

Friday quiz, already delayed, I’ll do later tonight.

Rick Jessup