Less Than You Think

So Sunday brought about the early birthday dinner with my family over here after following weekends were proving difficult for the gang to get together. Since it was my choice I decided to introduce the family to West 50, not terribly far from the new office here. Everyone had a good time, the food was quite nice, and people seemed to be enjoying the different beers. Mary and I split the Smoked Paprika Dusted Crispy Calamari and it was excellent, served with a mild lemon yogourt dipping sauce. I’m loving yogourt dipping sauces as they offer health benefits, and I’m really not finding a loss in flavour from sour cream or mayo based sauces and dips. I moved on to the Mexican Enchilada Burger with Chorizo Sausage and their featured soup, a Thai Beef and Vegetable. I believe amongst the rest of the gang there were: Spring Roll Sampler, Spicy Thai Chicken Satay Pizza, Cuban Roasted Pork Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, and Olaf’s Schnitzel. No disappointments this time, as expected the kitchen is churning out quality food regularly now. There was too much beer flowing to recall what everyone had, although I do remember I tried the Niagara Eisbock, Warsteiner Premium Dunkel, St Ambroise Pale Ale, Belhaven 70 Shilling, and for dessert, St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. My thanks to my parents, Kim, and Jeff for covering the night on behalf of my pending 33rd, it was great fun.

Yesterday, however, not great fun. Sunday night I stepped on my guitar case and sliced open the bottom of my foot on the latch, making it hard to walk. Got to my car and found the windshield washer fluid frozen again, regardless of promises of “anti-freeze”. Almost ran out of gas on the way to work after taking a northern trip to Hockley to research a location for a future golf tournament I’ll be organizing. Took over an hour to get back, but happily stopped at Starbucks on the way. Proceeded to spill my first expensive drink since I started here on the floor of my car, and then realized when I arrived I’d left my key card at home and couldn’t get in. Long day.

Perhaps not as long as the drive home Friday night during which, for the second time, my bladder did not outlast my commute. Much like the storied drive to Ottawa many moons ago I was stuck in the nasty traffic on Friday night and realized there was no way, going stop’n’go along the back roads, that I would make it to a bathroom. Thankfully, I had my two 1.5L bottles of water with me, one of which I had emptied already. So, yes, I proceeded to fill it with nary any shame nor discretion. Filled it. 1.5L. Heck, at least it gave me a story.

Time to work..

Leavin’ (for) Las Vegas

My time is short as I’m getting delivered to the aiport in about three hours so I thought I’d toss together a quick blog before I left. On the offchance that I can’t get anything working remotely, this *could* be the last you’ll hear from me until Saturday night. However, I should be able to get access from Vegas, in which case you’ll get me here and GTAbloggers.com, discussing my first trip to Las Vegas. As noted previously, Mar isn’t coming – she’ll still be home – but she’s not much for blogging so no dice there. I’ll be staying at the nice Paris Las Vegas where my room will overlook the Bellagio Water Show each night. Should be cool, I’m looking forward to it. Of course, it’s work for me though – a three day conference where I’ll be attempting to generate a little more business for my website.

To make matters a bit stickier, I suffered a total setback during my baseball tournament yesterday. My three game tourney turned into an inning and a half when my ankle reinjured on a pivot throw to second. Once again, a loud noise and undeniable pain. So I purchased a wrap for the ankle today that I’ll be wearing throughout my four days of roaming conference halls and casinos. Good luck to me.

So, until tomorrow (hopefully), I bid y’all adieu – keep posting comments and on the zonkboard so I’ve got a few notes from home to see while I’m away. :)


Mar took off tonight for

Mar took off tonight for her family farm about 90 minutes north of home. This means I get to play Adventures in Cooking. :) I’m scheduled to hit cooking school this September for a bit of a potential career change – my long-term goal is to have a restaurant, it has been for over 15 years now. So I basically spend obscene amounts of time reading recipes and watching cooking shows in order to develop my own culinary creations. Some turn out great, some nowhere near. Usually a bit above average. But, when I’m alone and cooking for one, I really have nothing to lose, right? I’m from the school of Bobby Flay, and therefore love the southwest, and also naming it exactly what it is. That said, tonight was:

Curry-crusted chicken wrap with balsamic mushrooms, caramelized onions, and cilantro-lime sour cream.

On the side? Corn on the cob with lime and blue cheese. The wrap was just what I’d hoped – really nice, and tons of new flavours all the time. The corn on the cob could do without the lime – I’ll try that one again.

My only other news item is confirmation on the ankle injury. Two weeks ago I posted how I’d turned over on it during a baseball game, enough to force me to sit out the remaining two innings – which I HADN’T done when I’d separated the shoulder in the first inning earlier in the season and finished the game. I let it go for a couple weeks hoping it would heal itself, but alas, not the case. A trip to the clinic today was like a punch in the gut because I *really* hate missing games. The ligaments are busted up in the ankle (check out that nasty drawing of the injury near the top of the link) and it requires six weeks of rest. I’m also supposed to have it wrapped in a bandage from morning to night.
There’s a show on the Food Network right now called The Thirsty Traveler, which I hadn’t been interested in, but flipped on tonight. He’s in Mexico watching tequila being made from harvest to fermentation to aging and he just got to taste some right from the barrel. I hate my job.


Do you ever get the

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s just not your year? I mean, I’ll be honest, all in all this year has been great. I’ve been loving working on my own, marriage is great closing in on the start of year three, and in general, things are great. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I have AGAIN injured myself playing Sunday morning softball. Best part? This time it’s my right ankle. Frig frig frig. Because of my shoulder and elbow I’ve been working out legs instead of arms lately in the gym – now what do I work out? Neck? Bah. (waves paw)

I had hit a decent shot on the ground between first and second base and ran all-out for first when my ankle turned and I heard a rather loud crack. The next thing I saw was people staring at me and I was actually lying on the grass behind the fence above first. My sister told me I had actually continued running to be safe at first, and that almost immediately after had fallen on the ground. I don’t think it’s serious – a lot of pain and a enough swelling to represent a second ankle, but it’s already feeling a bit better which should mean it’s all good in a few days. It’s just the principle of injuring myself again. I’m down 12 lbs in the past couple months and I have to keep that up – I honestly feel that if I can get under 200 things will start to feel a lot better. For those keeping score, that means I’ve got about 18 lbs. to go before I’m in health country. I carry a lot of weight so 200 for me is about 175-180 for your average joe.

So, now it’s ice-on, ice-off while I await the arrival of Rob and Rocco for our first WWE pay-per-view in months. We attended WrestleMania X-8 – other than that, I’ve been conserving the money this year. We’ll see what happens – for fans of wrestling out there, was seeing Bischoff arrive on Raw not the first “HOLY —-!” moment of the last couple years? You could have scraped my jaw off the floor.

Does anyone out there own an Aztek? I’m giving serious consideration to attempting a swap at the dealer on my 2000 Grand Am GT for a used Aztek. I’m not asking for people who DON’T own them to e-mail me and say “but they’re so ugly, why would you get one?” I want opinions from those that own them, if there are any out there. I test drove one last summer and I’ve been in love ever since – I’m interested in how they are for repairs and problems, things like that. If you do own one, toss me an e-mail by clicking on my name below. CLICK MY NAME!!! ;)

Rick Jessup

Softball was fun this morning.

Softball was fun this morning. I decided to push as hard as I could on the shoulder and it turned out ok – in fact, if anything hurt it was the tendonitis in the elbow. The shoulder held up great. I swung hard, I threw overhand (albeit lightly), and in the end, felt fine. But boy was it hot this morning. Our late games go 10:45 until 12:00 and it was almost unbearable thanks to the fact the hot sun was right overhead and there was no wind to speak of. This kind of heat is always more tolerable when you’ve got a nice breeze to keep you cool. I hadn’t brought a drink with me either so all I could do was wait until it was over. One good thing came out of the day – I was running all over the outfield catching these hits and made one particular catch where I had run all out from right centre to catch one at the edge of the grass in the right fielder’s area (he was nowhere near it). I was informed “the weight loss is doing you good” – so I guess, finally, it’s starting to become noticeable. Thank God for that.

Aside from coding that PHP project I’ve been working on, most of my weekend was spent either shopping for Mar’s 33rd birthday this Wednesday or watching television. Has anyone caught Opening Soon on FoodTV here in Canada? A really interesting watch for someone like me that hopes to open a restaurant some day, but it also hammers through how much goes in to opening one. They’ve been highlighting people who are either already rich or already own successful restaurants, I’m hoping eventually they’ll show what po’folks like me do to get a place open.

Further on TV, I’m watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent again here. Mar loves this show, but I can’t be the only one that thinks the acting in this show is God awful. Especially the girl in it, the main cop. She is just a terrible actress, and the lines they write her don’t help matters. It’s almost intolerable, but these Law & Order series always have cool storylines. I just hope they kill off both cops at the end of this season and bring in a couple decent ones next year.

Oh, and one final TV note – for Michelle – the special Amy Wynn and Ty edition of A Makeover Story (titled Trading Faces.. haha..) will air July 13th at 10:00PM and July 14th at 2:00PM. More information available here.

Rick Jessup