Top 10 Pages & Friends of 2002

Time to start the promised Best of 2002 lists, and we’ll come off the top with an easy one for y’all. This is simply a list of the most visited pages on the site in the 2002 calendar year:

— The main index, not much of a surprise there.
— I was surprised that many people could care less about me.. hehe..
— This isn’t surprising, lots of search engine traffic starts here.
— So not only do you care about me, you care about my crew too.. ;)
— Cool.. these are all the slideshows of trips and such.
— Disappointing perverts everywhere since 2002…
— With additions here and there, this is the same page I made in 1996.
— Notice they visit the webcam archive first and then check to see if I’m sexy yet..
— Oops, probably should have actually made this page at some point.
— For those with an unsatiable lust to converse with me.

And now the top viewed Friends pages – fight amongst yourselves:
1. Brent England
2. Alexander Bosika
3. Rob Williams
4. Stephen Choi
5. Kip McCormick
6. Kim Jessup-Stoddart
7. Mary Jessup
8. Jason Cohen
9. Andrew Szabo
10. Michelle Reid


I took two weeks off

I took two weeks off like I said I would – Sunday morning is softball and I’m going to test the shoulder – wish me luck! In the meantime, I promised a quiz:

Where are you right now?
In my home office here in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by two computers (one whose sole purpose it is to play me television), a stuffed dog, empty cans of Vanilla Coke, an autographed Wilco poster, a couple of guitars, and a lot of junk.

What have you lost recently?
Dexter’s Laboratory at 3:30 – YTV stopped airing it. Jerks.

What was the first CD you ever purchased?
“Live! Live! Live!” by Bryan Adams many years ago. I was a fan of his back when he wrote fun rock music (ie. prior to writing inane drivel) and, together with my friend Brent, saved up the required $40 (a lot when you’re a kid) to have it imported from Japan a few years before it was available here. I remember thinking it was the greatest thing ever because the lyrics inside were Japanese. I also remember more than one person asking me if the songs were Japanese. Uh-huh.

What is your favourite kind of writing pen?
Anything fine and black. By fine I mean a very thin tip.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Of the moment – that new fake Oreo stuff from President’s Choice. I’d run over my neighbours if they got between me and the grocery store.

I’m bored and going to bed.

Rick Jessup

A veritable plethora of posting

A veritable plethora of posting glory for everyone today! Get the popcorn, grab a Vanilla Coke and settle back. E-mail your love to me using the link at the end.

1. I beat John Garrett and Scott Morrison of Sportsnet in the playoff hockey pools this year. And THEY’RE supposed to be the experts. Tell you what, boys, I’m available for your show sometime.. we’ll shoot the poop, talk hockey, I’ll learn ya a thing or two. :)

2. I also near-doubled my “competition” (Brent, Rob, and Paul) in the Playoff pool. In the immortal words of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty: “I RULE!”

3. Perhaps most importantly, this Friday night I’ll be doing an overnight run for the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for them. I need to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges – receipts for amounts over $10 are available – so if anyone is willing to sponsor me for this I’d be grateful. It’s for a good cause – I lost an uncle last year to cancer and really wanted to do my part in his memory. I can organize donations through PayPal or we can work out something else. No pressure – but if anyone is willing just toss me an e-mail or give me a call at home.

4. If you marinate pork tenderloin in lime juice for at least a couple hours before cooking time, it’s hella-good. Seriously. Try it.

5. I’m now writing two movie scripts. I started a new one to see if I could do it – it’s a nice little coming of age love story with a sad ending. A big part of the film will be the influence music has on the main male character, and that said, I have already finished putting together what would be the soundtrack and I’m now detailing how the film will fall together. The problem I’ve reached is that the story doesn’t seem to have a single “high” moment, or climax if you will, that the film builds up to. Not sure if that becomes an issue or if it’s typical of lovey-dovey movies.

6. Can you write PHP? If you don’t know what that means, you can’t. If you can write PHP, e-mail me and we’ll chat. I need a PHP programmer for a project I’m working on.

Rick Jessup

A few things to talk

A few things to talk about today.

First, huge shock yesterday when a letter arrived from an old friend I had thought I’d never hear from again. I took her up on the offer to make a phone call and had a great discussion catching up after all these years. On the off-chance she does happen to drop by the site – there was one thing I took away from the film Vanilla Sky, and that was “but how could I enjoy the sweet of life without the bitter?” Hang in there. :)

Second, I’m peering through those Google search terms again today, to see what people search to find my site. So I’ve got a question about these two:

kanata strippers
grand prix and strippers and montreal

Ok, I’m quite certain I spend very minimal time on this site talking about strippers, so why is it I’m turning up on Google like this? Something is up. But, alas, I can offer you no information about your requested searches. Actually, I can tell you that the Grand Prix in Montreal is apparently owned by the cops and the taxi drivers are paid extra to take you there, so simply ask your cabbie to take you there and he will. I know this because the cabbie Steve, Brent, and I got to get back to the hotel after Raw was all but insisting we went there. We didn’t. Sorry to disappoint.

Oh, and on those search terms – Steve, Alex, and Sionne – someone is looking for you.

Rick Jessup