Waiting on the World to Change

So the past week has resulted in a number of excellent discussions around digital, and the future thereof, that seem to be dragging me out of the aforementioned funk I had found myself in. I think all us “grown up digital” kids get to a place from time-to-time where we’re just plain bored, and it requires the right person or the right conversation to grab us by the collar and pull us back up.

I can’t get my brain away from where the Internet will be in five years. 10 years. 20 years. The fact that most of what we see around us, and what we use day in and day out, has been built inside the last decade on tubes and pipes barely older than that is amazing. The information that has become available, the shrinking globe, and most importantly, the emerging relevance of trust. It’s leading me into an area where I really want to begin what would likely evolve into much of a thesis over the future, and as one once said, predicting the future is easy as it’s almost impossible to be proven wrong.

So while I geek out in the corner and start writing this down furiously into the cloud, do allow me this moment to offer you a 20-minute TED talk, provided to me by one Karly Gaffney after yet another rambling prediction at the office by myself. It’s almost 3 years old, yet contains information many of you are likely to find almost startling. And I think he’s really, really close. Enjoy!


Been So Long

It’s been an interesting time the past few weeks as conversations and meetings have been had with people who don’t really know me that well, nor do they know how I spend my work days. I’m baffled how hard it can be to describe strategy and account work in an ad agency to people not already familiar with it, thus invariably I have to dive into at least a bit of detail surrounding the career and a few of the recognizable things I’ve had a hand in.

Typically the questions are around “is Facebook stealing my information” or “I don’t use the Twitter”, but today turned out a little different. The question was “do you follow Google at all?” I wasn’t sure how to take it, and I asked for clarification. Turns out this youth pastor and musician holds a more-than-passing interest in the existing and coming Facebook vs. Google battle. And he shares my feelings that the battle hasn’t even begun yet. So I changed into controversial mode and fired back a thought:

“What if, while Google was perfecting search, Facebook built the foundation that will back-end the shift underway to recommendation?”

That single statement brought five more people away from the conversations over to chat with us. My thought was meant to be thought-provoking, but it comes with more than a little possibility as well. I phrased it like this:

“If you’re going to Boston how do you go about finding a hotel?” The responses mostly centred around friends and family, or specific websites. Nobody Google searched for hotels in Boston. “What if you want a good steak in Toronto, how do you source out a good steak?” Same responses. “So regardless of what you’re interested in, sourcing someone or something you already trust trumps Google?” The answer was yes. The following conversation took over half the room and about an hour, with different sides and different arguments moving. But I left with one significant take-away:

Not a single person in the room left without agreeing that Google could all but fail to exist in five years.

One thinks the eyes of the world are on Google.Me.

I’m getting ready to go

I’m getting ready to go catch my first Toronto Phantoms game tonight as the gent that does my AFL picks for GamingJackpots.com is in town to cheer on the Los Angeles team, and believe it or not, is actually staying in Palgrave, only minutes north of me. He and I will be joining Alex for some grub and the game. I’m not big on the CFL or NFL, although I was a fan of the XFL as the game was fast. I understand that there are some rule differences with the AFL that help speed it up and alter it a bit too so that should be cool.

This whole elephant’s toes thing was for that Google Challenge – I had a button for it down there on the right – but the contest was closed after Google got upset with the gent running it for sending artificial traffic. Oh well, I promise not to repeat that phrase again.

By the time you read this the latest site I’ve been working on with some others should be launched. I don’t own it or run it or anything like that, I merely got them off the ground with it and designed the actual theme and games and such. It’s an online casino, so if you like to gamble a bit (I don’t.. hehe..) maybe you can give it a once over and let me know what you think? http://www.vegasplayerscasino.com/ is the URL. If you go there and the Download page doesn’t work just check back in a few hours, I’m told it will launch at 2:30.

Rick Jessup

Ok, since I’m a blind

Ok, since I’m a blind follower of others (“BAAAAAA…”) I’m going to do this fun little thing where you type your first name and the word “is” in brackets in the Google search engine. (ie. “Rick is”) Then, find out what you are. Fun! (whatever… it’s not like I’m typing elephant’s toes over and over and over again.)

  1. Rick is … the author of three books.
  2. Rick is … currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Arizona.
  3. Rick is … visiting six Canadian cities to share his exciting breakthroughs in research.
  4. Rick is … not organising the tour, he is turning up and playing where he’s told.
  5. Rick is … also co-author of the world-famous Nephroid Lab.
  6. Rick is … challenging Jesse Ventura — 3 rounds in the ring!
  7. Rick is … continuing his on-going studies of population structure and social dynamics of a shallow-water population.
  8. Rick is … serving up a delicious blend of Cajun, Creole, and Southern home cooking.
  9. Rick is … back. Verfasst am 29.04.02 von razzcazz.
  10. Rick is … scheduling his 2002 calendar now!

Rick Jessup

A few things to talk

A few things to talk about today.

First, huge shock yesterday when a letter arrived from an old friend I had thought I’d never hear from again. I took her up on the offer to make a phone call and had a great discussion catching up after all these years. On the off-chance she does happen to drop by the site – there was one thing I took away from the film Vanilla Sky, and that was “but how could I enjoy the sweet of life without the bitter?” Hang in there. :)

Second, I’m peering through those Google search terms again today, to see what people search to find my site. So I’ve got a question about these two:

kanata strippers
grand prix and strippers and montreal

Ok, I’m quite certain I spend very minimal time on this site talking about strippers, so why is it I’m turning up on Google like this? Something is up. But, alas, I can offer you no information about your requested searches. Actually, I can tell you that the Grand Prix in Montreal is apparently owned by the cops and the taxi drivers are paid extra to take you there, so simply ask your cabbie to take you there and he will. I know this because the cabbie Steve, Brent, and I got to get back to the hotel after Raw was all but insisting we went there. We didn’t. Sorry to disappoint.

Oh, and on those search terms – Steve, Alex, and Sionne – someone is looking for you.

Rick Jessup