‘Survivor’, ‘Idol’ Play the Feud

Reality TV fans will want to pay close attention to ‘Family Feud’ in the coming months as the two most popular shows see their stars go head-to-head. Announced to compete for ‘Survivor’ starting February 14th will be Rudy Boesch, Rupert Boneham, Jon Dalton, Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, and Ethan Zohn, with four others not named. The seven announced for the ‘American Idol’ edition in March were Amy Adams, Diana DeGarmo, Julia DeMato, AJ Gil, Jon Peter Lewis, Kimberley Locke, and Rickey Smith.

‘The Amazing Race 7’ To Arrive Quickly

CBS is wasting no time capitalizing on the popularity of ‘The Amazing Race’ – popularity that took five seasons to establish. The third edition of the program in less than a year will arrive on Tuesday, March 1st with a special two hour premiere – only three weeks after the scheduled finale of the currently airing ‘The Amazing Race 6’. Also almost confirmed is this season’s reality celebrity team – Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, the engaged sweethearts from ‘Survivor: All Stars’.

The quick scheduling turnover is an about face from the words of CBS prior to the launch of ‘The Amazing Race 6′, when the launch date was postponed “to let the audience breathe a little before we bring the show back.” At the time CBS’ Vice President Kelly Kahl had told Variety “we’ve seen (evidence) that it really helps to put a little space between one version and the next.” It would appear network President Nina Tassler overruled these thoughts, choosing instead to capitalize on the big ratings the current program is pulling down.

Escape Hatch

I have some advice for everyone. If you’re American and you’re ever so lucky as to appear on a televised reality show, and then subsequently so lucky as to win a $1,000,000 grand prize, it might be a good idea to claim it on your taxes. For some reason Richard Hatch felt that of the 50,000,000 that watched him win the first ‘Survivor’ that none of them were likely to work for the IRS, and he decided against claiming it at all. Fortunately for Rich he’s managed to plea himself down from the maximum five years in prison and $250,000 fine, although he’ll still have to come up with the $500k he owes them I suppose. The show’s creator, Mark Burnett, was asked about his thoughts on Hatch failing to claim such a public piece of income: “I have honestly given up trying to think what’s in the minds of my ex-Survivors and Apprentices. That’s a whole other show there.” Heh.


Survivor: All Stars Pools

It’s that time again, friends. Survivor fans come join me in the following pools, should you so desire to have your rear handed to you once again. In keeping with the pirate theme of the Pearl Islands and Panama, along with All Star Survivor, I thought “A.S.S. Pirates” was probably the best name for our leagues. Hope to see you all there!

Fantasy Survivor 8
League: Me Likey
Password: rjdotcom
ChickBands.com Survivor Pool
Daron’s Survivor Pool (Down Temporarily)
Mediiia Whore
League: A.S.S. Pirates
Password: rupertsucks
Spoiler Island
League: A.S.S. Pirates
Password: rupertsucks


And I Love Survivors

It’s a good day to be me today, and here’s why:

The first item is a personally autographed 8×10 of Heidi Strobel from ‘Survivor: Amazon’, obviously to most, one of my favourite shows. My buddy Justin from comomusic.com nabbed it for me and sent it out, and for that I’m quite thankful. We’ll call it payback for introducing him to milk in bags at such a young age.

The second item came from Rocco and Marilyn – two bottles of Coca-Cola with fancy Holiday 2003 labels. I actually didn’t have these in my collection, and bottles are my favourite collectible of all, so these are hella cool.

AND Cliff offered to hook me up with the VH1 broadcast of Extreme perhaps getting reunited tomorrow (my $$ are on no reunion). Oh happy day!