06.01.31 Television News

’24’ Movie Set to Start?
TV Week in Australia is reporting that plans have begun to produce the long-rumoured feature film version of FOX’s 24, set to bridge the current fifth season with the next one, and to air in theatres immediately following the conclusion of “today’s” events. At the recent semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour, star Kiefer Sutherland said he believes the time for a film is now.

Fans Talk to ’24’ Cast

Here’s an interesting thing – stealing a trick from an episode of ‘Scrubs’ earlier this season, the producers of ’24’ used a real phone number during a recent episode. When Debbie’s mom called her cell during the episode a non-555 number was shown on call display. Fox has stated they received over 50,000 calls to a crew member’s cell phone where some lucky fans had a chance to talk with cast and crew on the set.

24 + 1

Kip said it better than I could:

“…this looks like it’s gonna be a good season. Hopefully the next 23 episodes are as good as they were last year, with the same sort of unexpected plot twists that come out of left field. Seriously, people. Watch this show.”

Did everyone catch the season premiere of 24 last night, aired without commercial interruption? As Kip notes in the comments of the previous post, much time was spent building some history over the passings of the last year through character conversation, but now that the base plot is set we can see things are moving right along. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t tune in at least once.

In other, far more important news, Wade Belak has demanded a trade. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!! Well then, who are the Leafs to not honour such a request? I mean, as much as we could use the ONE GOAL he scored ALL OF LAST SEASON. Yo! Belak! The problem is usually players require some form of a skill set before another team will offer up something for them. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade a Big Mac and a bag of pucks for this guy.


Zee Crunch Master!

Wow. I just got back from the gym, and although the physical weight loss isn’t where I was hoping it would be, something else interesting happened. I’m typically much more adept at weight training than cardio, I just feel more comfortable with a set of weights than I do running or biking on a stationary appliance. Today, I did my requisite walks/jogs around the track, not straining too hard because I’m still rehabbing the busted ankle. I moved on to the bike for 20 minutes and didn’t have much problem there. The ankle was starting to twitch and I figured best not to push it today and headed over the crunch machines to finish off my workout. Normally I can do quite a few crunches with breaks in between, but still find myself feeling the burn around 50 crunches. I’ll often push it to 100, take a break, do a couple more sets of 100 and head in.

Today, I did 500 straight, no break, and could have kept going. The only reason I stopped was because I was nervous that my pain receptors weren’t working and I’d feel it later, so I’m playing it be ear for now. 500 straight crunches seems to be an awful lot for someone who’s been lax with his gym visits in the last month. Hrm.. :/

Off to hit the showers. I don’t hit the gym showers for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fear of not knowing what disease lies on the shower floor from previous users. I’d rather take the quick trip home and jump in one I’m familiar with, y’know?

Season premiere of 24 tonight, and I expect everyone to watch. If you missed it last season, you missed the best show on TV for sure. It takes place in real time – 24 60-minute episodes that represent 24 hours in the lives of the characters. Tonight’s episode runs in real-time, commercial free, on FOX. Check it out.