RIP Nilton Fernandes

I just got word that a TV review columnist for the Wrestling Observer, Nilton Fernandes, passed away yesterday. He was pinned between two semi-trailers at work as one backed up. He was crushed and didn’t make it. The saddest part of the whole thing?

He was 22.

I read Nilton’s work every week – I thought he was well older than 22. He was full of knowledge, he was informed, he was entertaining. He was a great read. I now know that he was a student at the University of Manitoba while working in his off-hours, and of course, writing at night. It’s amazing how many things are taken for granted, even small things. Tuesday morning I logged on to the site purposely to read Nilton’s review of Raw. I had seen the show, I just found Nilton’s reviews entertaining and I wanted to read what he had to say. I won’t have that opportunity again. That doesn’t come anywhere close to the fact that his close friends and family won’t have a chance to even see him again.

RIP, Nilton. Wherever you are, know you were appreciated while you walked amongst us – even from those of us who never met you.

However, in the face of tragedy we can always look for good news from other sources. I’m going to take this forum and moment to congratulate Angela and Wayde on the announcement of their pending first child! Way to go, you two! :)


Comments! Comments!

My rathole for comments! Ok, so you might now know where that’s from, but that don’t matter. What DOES matter is I’ve finally switched over to a better Blogging (ie. web logging) program to make these journal entries effective NOW. Not much difference for you yet, although things will continue to change. However, at the bottom of each journal entry you’ll notice a “Comments” option. Click on that and speak your mind! It’ll be there for the world to see – I want everyone to use it, I spent a lot of time getting them there. I also need to thank GoalieGirl for giving me that final boost that got this working right – props, baby!

Also, another change – the Desktop picture on the left is now a Deskcam. What that means is what you see in that window is what’s on my Windows desktop right now – work and all. Whatever I’m doing is broadcast up there. Of course, this means I need to watch my surfing habits a bit more carefully, but it should be fun.

Phew – a busy day here – I’m off to The Angry Tomato for dinner.


Three new shots added to

Three new shots added to the Webcam Archive, including the item from below. So if you came to the party late and you can’t find the image referred in the post below this one, hit the archive and look under July 29, 2002. In the meantime, if you ever find a shot you think deserves to be in here send it along! The July 26, 2002 shot was sent in by GoalieGirl with a note of: “Awww, are you sleepy?” Haha.. the truth being, I’d just rubbed habanero pepper juice into my eyes and the pain was caught for all to see. I won’t tell you the story behind July 19, 2002 – for that one you want to ask the master of Drive-By Rack Lovings, Alex.

And on that note, a couple *HONK*HONK*s for Julie and Michelle and I’m off to get some lunch.

Rick Jessup

This post is great… FOR

This post is great… FOR ME TO POOP ON! I kiiid.. I kiiiiid… (my shout-out to GoalieGirl)


1. The Relay for Life Cancer run this Friday is still on, I’ve got final details. I’m part of a group of 10 who will have to keep in continuous motion around a track from 7PM until 7AM Saturday morning. That’s going to throw a wrench in my plans if I end up getting a ticket to Vegas for this weekend. All run and no sleep make Rick something something… Donations to the cause are still being accepted, and tax receipts will be mailed from the Canadian Cancer Society for any donations of $10 or more. If you can give anything that would be great!

2. The script is coming along. I completed what I feel is a great soundtrack this week – it’s 16 songs and one bonus song. The tracklist, should anyone feel like looking them up, is as follows. Please note that, as soon as I’m confident enough that the script is coming along well, I’m buying the domain and the soundtrack will then be available up there. The heart of the film wraps around the song Radio King by Golden Smog, but as written so far, a lot of these songs gain good exposure.

1. Wilco – Secret Of The Sea
2. Steve Earle and The V-Roys – Johnny Too Bad
3. Whiskeytown – Don’t Wanna Know Why
4. Steely Dan – Time Out Of Mind
5. Son Volt – Back Into Your World
6. Wilco – Passenger Side
7. Skydiggers – This Is No Time
8. Mourning Widows – True Love In The Galaxy
9. Jars of Clay – Needful Hands
10. Glen Phillips – Easier
11. Ryan Adams – When The Stars Go Blue
12. Steve Poltz – Leavin’ Again
13. Chantal Kreviazuk – Surrounded
14. The Dears – Autonomy
15. Wilco – Remember the Mountain Bed
16. Golden Smog – Radio King
** Secret Song ** Byron Lee – Dollar Wine

Rick Jessup

I’m glad everyone is enjoying

I’m glad everyone is enjoying the new tag-board on the right there – please do try to keep the posts family friendly. It is for chatting, not the free exchange of pornographic material. ;) While you’re surfing around please take note of the Blog links near the bottom of the page along the left side. There’s some great sites there to peruse, including my friend Michelle and some other great folks I don’t actually know, like Goalie-Girl and the Pirillo family.

I’ll try to post a bit more now that I’ve got this little automated blogging utility in here, it makes it a bit easier. I haven’t figured out the archiving yet, I think it’s been down so I haven’t been able to play. I’ll keep trying. My brain hurts, updating Gaming Jackpots for the World Cup is proving difficult – hopefully traffic will get a boost.