Stumbling Through The Dark

Well, for the first time in almost 5 years I’m actually going to a concert. For the first time in well over that I’m going to a concert of a band I actually want to see. Alex, my good buddy (and guest blogger) from succumbed to my nagging and questions of his aged indifference and inability to be spontaneous and will be hitting the Phoenix tonight for The Jayhawks with Josh Rouse opening. I was prompted into my concert moratorium because both these artists delivered stunning albums in 2003, and because the lead singer of the Jayhawks (Gary Louris) is actually expecting me to be there.

Long story short Kip and I went on a trip to my grandparent’s condo many moons ago to see the Blue Jays in training camp. While there we met Mrs. Kelly, an amazing older lady in an apartment below my grandparents. Us two kids hit it off with her so well we would actually look forward to going to see her again to hear some more of her stories, many of them revolving around her grandson Gary and his band The Jayhawks, who at the time were touring Europe with the Black Crowes. Once back home I picked up their album ‘Hollywood Town Hall‘ and was hooked – it was completely new music to me. Soon after I was on the Internet and discovered this music – known as roots rock or y’alternative at that time – was an entire genre. I began to seek out albums by bands like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Wilco, Blue Mountain, The Bottle Rockets, The Gourds, etc.. and haven’t looked back since.

So, anyways, time to go catch the ‘Hawks for the first time since 1997, and my first concert in almost that long. I shall report back tomorrow.


Top 10 Pages & Friends of 2002

Time to start the promised Best of 2002 lists, and we’ll come off the top with an easy one for y’all. This is simply a list of the most visited pages on the site in the 2002 calendar year:

— The main index, not much of a surprise there.
— I was surprised that many people could care less about me.. hehe..
— This isn’t surprising, lots of search engine traffic starts here.
— So not only do you care about me, you care about my crew too.. ;)
— Cool.. these are all the slideshows of trips and such.
— Disappointing perverts everywhere since 2002…
— With additions here and there, this is the same page I made in 1996.
— Notice they visit the webcam archive first and then check to see if I’m sexy yet..
— Oops, probably should have actually made this page at some point.
— For those with an unsatiable lust to converse with me.

And now the top viewed Friends pages – fight amongst yourselves:
1. Brent England
2. Alexander Bosika
3. Rob Williams
4. Stephen Choi
5. Kip McCormick
6. Kim Jessup-Stoddart
7. Mary Jessup
8. Jason Cohen
9. Andrew Szabo
10. Michelle Reid


Kip Blogs on Thursday

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this whole experiment to turn into a discussion of those TV shows we all used to watch as kids, but this is fun. I believe I the single-line guy that Rob was referring to on the zonkboard was La Linea , (The Line), and I managed to find some pics here. As for LeVar Burton being the guy who showed the cartoons, I appear to have been mistaken. I think my brain substituted my memories of the actual guy with Mr. Burton.

Well, I’m at work and my break is almost over, so I’ve gotta keep this short. Might jump in later and add to this woefully lame post.

Adio’s Amigo’s