Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

I haven’t had time to put together a little review yet, and I’m waiting for the pictures to get “developed” (ie. Rob to take them off the camera) before I really do, but in the meantime there is an interesting story to share. To start it off, our waiter ended up being a bit talkative near the end of the week and started filling us in on what the secret codes meant that we would hear over the ship. We had heard “Alpha!” repeated three times, and we found out that meant there was a medical emergency. There was no indication of what kind of emergency had taken place, although I can tell you that I’ve heard more than once that an average of two deaths take place per ship, per week. Before you get bent out of shape they’re usually natural causes and older travelers, although two years ago I was on a cruise with an obese man who drowned on snorkeling excursion.

Anyways, the fun warning you want to hear is “Oscar!” three times, which means “man overboard”. While we didn’t hear it ourselves we were treated to a few stories of times it had happened. What we didn’t know is that it was happening on another Royal Caribbean ship elsewhere on the seas:

Royal Caribbean Undertakes Two Sea Rescues


Top 10 Pages & Friends of 2002

Time to start the promised Best of 2002 lists, and we’ll come off the top with an easy one for y’all. This is simply a list of the most visited pages on the site in the 2002 calendar year:

1. http://www.rickjessup.com/
— The main index, not much of a surprise there.
2. http://www.rickjessup.com/biography/
— I was surprised that many people could care less about me.. hehe..
3. http://www.rickjessup.com/quiz/
— This isn’t surprising, lots of search engine traffic starts here.
4. http://www.rickjessup.com/friends/
— So not only do you care about me, you care about my crew too.. ;)
5. http://www.rickjessup.com/gallery/
— Cool.. these are all the slideshows of trips and such.
6. http://www.rickjessup.com/webcam/archive.shtml
— Disappointing perverts everywhere since 2002…
7. http://www.rickjessup.com/collections/music.shtml
— With additions here and there, this is the same page I made in 1996.
8. http://www.rickjessup.com/weightlosschallenge/
— Notice they visit the webcam archive first and then check to see if I’m sexy yet..
9. http://www.rickjessup.com/resume/
— Oops, probably should have actually made this page at some point.
10. http://www.rickjessup.com/contact/
— For those with an unsatiable lust to converse with me.

And now the top viewed Friends pages – fight amongst yourselves:
1. Brent England
2. Alexander Bosika
3. Rob Williams
4. Stephen Choi
5. Kip McCormick
6. Kim Jessup-Stoddart
7. Mary Jessup
8. Jason Cohen
9. Andrew Szabo
10. Michelle Reid


Stockholm in a Flash

What? No responses to that fancy chocolate bar? I smuggle it uneaten back from Heathrow Airport and this is the thanks I get? Darn all of you! Darn you!

In other news, the Flash presentation for my Stockholm trip is now complete and available for your viewing pleasure in the Image & Video Gallery. It’s a shorter one than usual so I allowed the pictures to stay on the screen a bit longer, so you’ll all get a chance to see them a little bit longer. Hopefully you enjoy.

And, finally, the Weight Loss Challenge is finished with Rob Williams winning with a 2 point BMI loss, achieved via an 18 lb loss. He was closely followed by Alex and myself with a 1 point BMI loss – 10 lbs for Alex and, officially, 11 lbs for me. I say officially because I promptly gained 11 lbs at the start of the contest after my cruise, so my weight loss for the year actually came in at 22 lbs. Steve held steady, and unfortunately, our fifth entrant gained a BMI point.

I’m thinking I might keep the challenge going strictly for myself and update my personal progress over this year. The goal is another 29 lbs before January 2004.



Well, the time has come for me to bid adieu once again. I’m leaving my wife to guard the homestead, and that’s not at all frightening. The frightening part comes in who I’ve left to guard the site…

Alex, Kip, and Rob will be taking turns guest blogging from now through Thursday, and Lord knows what they’ll talk about or say. I’ve known two of them for about 20 years now so they might have a few interesting things to say. Give them comments and zonks to make them feel at home.

Since I’m demonstrating all week in London I won’t be near a computer that I know of so this should be the last you hear from me for a bit. Y’all have a good week, and take care!