What May Seem Like Love

I’m taking in the new Wilco CD this morning. Can I still call it a CD or is there a new name for the post-disc/sleeve era of music ownership?

The final track, One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend), tells the story of a man’s struggle with his father’s rejection of his lifestyle, based around the father’s belief in God. It’s a haunting, beautiful song launched out of a dinner (apparently) where Jeff Tweedy met said boyfriend and heard the story told here, ending in the boyfriend’s relief at the death of his father. An interview with Jeff Tweedy at chicagomag.com offered this gem: “Now he’s going to know he was wrong and that there is an only loving God.”

Which begs the question from me: “Why do people always assume all loving means all accepting?” Give it some thought.

Some schlub has compiled a

Some schlub has compiled a list of “One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately”. Some of his reasoning is, how shall we say, suspect at best. Sound logic would be preferred in most cases, but whatcha gonna do? I just thought it was interesting to see what of my albums he found to be strongly distasteful. I’d make a list of my preferred removals but you might as well just look at the Billboard Top 100 from any week since about 1988 and that would suffice. Here’s the albums I own that Mr. Arseclown has deemed disposable:

2. U2 – The Joshua Tree
3. Nirvana – Nevermind
17. Pearl Jam – Vs.
24. Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine
34. Dave Brubeck – Time Out
39. Wilco – Being There
47. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
62. Green Day – Dookie
70. Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience
71. Counting Crows – August And Everything After
79. The Wallflowers – The Wallflowers
81. The Presidents of the United States of America – The Presidents of the United States of America

All I have to say is anyone that puts Brubeck, Wilco, and Counting Crows on this list doesn’t deserve an opinion. I’m surprised he could tear himself away from the latest Strokes album long enough to string together coherent sentences. Bah. (waves paw) [list found here | link found here]

I was watching ElimiDATE earlier tonight when a rather trampish young lady was cut in the final two. The reason given was he had found her obsessive cursing to be upsetting to him. Her response was that perhaps he had been hasty in his decision, as yes, she was apt to curse frequently but she was also “extremaly articulate”. No, that’s not a typo. She is EXTREMALY articulate. Uh-huh.

Kelly Clarkson, I declare a crush on you. Win this sucka.

Rick Jessup

I took two weeks off

I took two weeks off like I said I would – Sunday morning is softball and I’m going to test the shoulder – wish me luck! In the meantime, I promised a quiz:

Where are you right now?
In my home office here in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by two computers (one whose sole purpose it is to play me television), a stuffed dog, empty cans of Vanilla Coke, an autographed Wilco poster, a couple of guitars, and a lot of junk.

What have you lost recently?
Dexter’s Laboratory at 3:30 – YTV stopped airing it. Jerks.

What was the first CD you ever purchased?
“Live! Live! Live!” by Bryan Adams many years ago. I was a fan of his back when he wrote fun rock music (ie. prior to writing inane drivel) and, together with my friend Brent, saved up the required $40 (a lot when you’re a kid) to have it imported from Japan a few years before it was available here. I remember thinking it was the greatest thing ever because the lyrics inside were Japanese. I also remember more than one person asking me if the songs were Japanese. Uh-huh.

What is your favourite kind of writing pen?
Anything fine and black. By fine I mean a very thin tip.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Of the moment – that new fake Oreo stuff from President’s Choice. I’d run over my neighbours if they got between me and the grocery store.

I’m bored and going to bed.

Rick Jessup

This post is great… FOR

This post is great… FOR ME TO POOP ON! I kiiid.. I kiiiiid… (my shout-out to GoalieGirl)


1. The Relay for Life Cancer run this Friday is still on, I’ve got final details. I’m part of a group of 10 who will have to keep in continuous motion around a track from 7PM until 7AM Saturday morning. That’s going to throw a wrench in my plans if I end up getting a ticket to Vegas for this weekend. All run and no sleep make Rick something something… Donations to the cause are still being accepted, and tax receipts will be mailed from the Canadian Cancer Society for any donations of $10 or more. If you can give anything that would be great!

2. The script is coming along. I completed what I feel is a great soundtrack this week – it’s 16 songs and one bonus song. The tracklist, should anyone feel like looking them up, is as follows. Please note that, as soon as I’m confident enough that the script is coming along well, I’m buying the domain and the soundtrack will then be available up there. The heart of the film wraps around the song Radio King by Golden Smog, but as written so far, a lot of these songs gain good exposure.

1. Wilco – Secret Of The Sea
2. Steve Earle and The V-Roys – Johnny Too Bad
3. Whiskeytown – Don’t Wanna Know Why
4. Steely Dan – Time Out Of Mind
5. Son Volt – Back Into Your World
6. Wilco – Passenger Side
7. Skydiggers – This Is No Time
8. Mourning Widows – True Love In The Galaxy
9. Jars of Clay – Needful Hands
10. Glen Phillips – Easier
11. Ryan Adams – When The Stars Go Blue
12. Steve Poltz – Leavin’ Again
13. Chantal Kreviazuk – Surrounded
14. The Dears – Autonomy
15. Wilco – Remember the Mountain Bed
16. Golden Smog – Radio King
** Secret Song ** Byron Lee – Dollar Wine

Rick Jessup