Top 10 Pages & Friends of 2002

Time to start the promised Best of 2002 lists, and we’ll come off the top with an easy one for y’all. This is simply a list of the most visited pages on the site in the 2002 calendar year:

— The main index, not much of a surprise there.
— I was surprised that many people could care less about me.. hehe..
— This isn’t surprising, lots of search engine traffic starts here.
— So not only do you care about me, you care about my crew too.. ;)
— Cool.. these are all the slideshows of trips and such.
— Disappointing perverts everywhere since 2002…
— With additions here and there, this is the same page I made in 1996.
— Notice they visit the webcam archive first and then check to see if I’m sexy yet..
— Oops, probably should have actually made this page at some point.
— For those with an unsatiable lust to converse with me.

And now the top viewed Friends pages – fight amongst yourselves:
1. Brent England
2. Alexander Bosika
3. Rob Williams
4. Stephen Choi
5. Kip McCormick
6. Kim Jessup-Stoddart
7. Mary Jessup
8. Jason Cohen
9. Andrew Szabo
10. Michelle Reid


MGM Execs Gone Wild!

Check it out! Yes, for all you fans of the flesh-baring, rip-roaring, misogynistic good time that is Girls Gone Wild, MGM has cut a deal to bring it to a big screen near you. No longer must you slink off to the back orifices of the local video store to satisfy your unsatiable lust for Mindy from Sellersville, PA and her stuffed chest – Mindy’s coming to the Cineplex! I haven’t yet decided if this is further indication that studios have run out of ideas or that Pacino was right when he said it was the Devil’s time (“I think we could all agree the twentieth century has been entirely mine.” – Devil’s Advocate, 1997).

In other news, my true feelings on the illustrious Segway Human Transporter are now located on my corporate blog at Crafty Puppy. I’ll be posting there fairly regularly, along with Andy and Alex, so bookmark it and pay the odd visit perhaps? The dry wit, insightful commentary, and odd humour will still be present over there – it’ll just be a bit more – corporate.

I love you all!

.. must .. get .. Coke ..

We had the pleasure of having Andy, his wife Catherine, and their new baby girl, Madeline Emma, over to the house for an hour or so on Saturday. We hadn’t seen them in quite some time, and we hadn’t seen the little one yet, so it was great to catch up. Poor Maddie had a cold she’d caught at the doctor’s office and she was quite tired. Still, she’s unbelievably cute and loves to laugh and smile. As Andy noted, she has her Mom’s dimples. He also introduced us to the fact that the baby LOVES one particular noise, then proceeded to make snorting pig noises at her while she giggled out loud and smiled broadly. Here are some pics of the cute little three-month-old:

Madeline Emma Szabo 1 Madeline Emma Szabo 2 Madeline Emma Szabo 3 Madeline Emma Szabo 4

Almost time to bring on the blitz here – as part of the myCaledon website I’ve cut a deal with the folks at to try and bring Internet-ordered delivery to the town of Caledon. Now I just have to convince all the local delivery restaurants to come on board. This town is so full of teenagers and busy moms and dads that I’m pretty sure it’s a great service – it’s just, sometimes, people just don’t understand how powerful a marketing tool the Internet can be. They won’t think twice about spending thousands and thousands on offline items that don’t offer half the ROI that a cheap one-time fee will bring online. Here’s hoping I can convince them..