Top 10 Pages & Friends of 2002

Time to start the promised Best of 2002 lists, and we’ll come off the top with an easy one for y’all. This is simply a list of the most visited pages on the site in the 2002 calendar year:

— The main index, not much of a surprise there.
— I was surprised that many people could care less about me.. hehe..
— This isn’t surprising, lots of search engine traffic starts here.
— So not only do you care about me, you care about my crew too.. ;)
— Cool.. these are all the slideshows of trips and such.
— Disappointing perverts everywhere since 2002…
— With additions here and there, this is the same page I made in 1996.
— Notice they visit the webcam archive first and then check to see if I’m sexy yet..
— Oops, probably should have actually made this page at some point.
— For those with an unsatiable lust to converse with me.

And now the top viewed Friends pages – fight amongst yourselves:
1. Brent England
2. Alexander Bosika
3. Rob Williams
4. Stephen Choi
5. Kip McCormick
6. Kim Jessup-Stoddart
7. Mary Jessup
8. Jason Cohen
9. Andrew Szabo
10. Michelle Reid



If you are AMERICAN .. and you are visiting this site .. PLEASE call that number up there right away. Call it as many times as you want to. It’s TOLL-FREE and it helps vote my girl, Kelly Clarkson, into the next round of American Idol. They don’t let Canadians vote so I can’t do anything but beg and plead all you kind American folks to do my dirty work for me. Trust me, she’s the best in the show – just take my word on that. :)

Now, as for the comment from Michelle yesterday in regards to me being on ‘Just Like Mom’ – yes indeed. I searched last night for screen shots or information on the show but it’s hard to come by. Most Canadians around my age will probably remember it – it was basically a CTV game show starring Blue Jays broadcaster Fergie Olver and his wife Catherine Swing that featured three children and their mothers. The children would be taken into a back room warehouse while the parents were asked three questions, then the kids were brought back out and asked the same ones – if they got them right, points. If they didn’t, no points. Then vice versa – take the Moms away, ask the kids, bring Mom out, compare answers. The big finale took the kids to a kitchen where they were instructed to make some sort of baked good, in my case, chocolate brownies. However, they hide the chocolate chips and give front row shelf space to items like curry powder, nutmeg, and Orange Crush. So naturally, these brownies are somewhat wretched. Then the Moms get to eat these little pieces of wonder and pick which monstrosity was created by the fruit of their womb. The kid with the most points throughout gets to spin a big wheel for a chance at anything from a set of bikes to a week at a camp, and the big prize, a family trip to Epcot in Disney World.

I got 0 points. My pity prizes included a Snoopy Brusha-Brusha Toothbrush and Fun-Around Faces. My Mom was really mad after she had asked me beforehand what my favourite food was. As any 8 year old might say, I said cereal. So on the show they ask “If you were going into outer space, and you could only bring ONE food with you, what would it be?” My answer: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Mom not happy. After the show she questioned my believed swapping of answers in mid-show, but I had a perfectly good, logical, 8-year old answer. “But Mom, you can’t bring cereal into outer space, it would float all over the place.”

Baha. :)

Americans phone 1-866-436-5705 now!!


Three new shots added to

Three new shots added to the Webcam Archive, including the item from below. So if you came to the party late and you can’t find the image referred in the post below this one, hit the archive and look under July 29, 2002. In the meantime, if you ever find a shot you think deserves to be in here send it along! The July 26, 2002 shot was sent in by GoalieGirl with a note of: “Awww, are you sleepy?” Haha.. the truth being, I’d just rubbed habanero pepper juice into my eyes and the pain was caught for all to see. I won’t tell you the story behind July 19, 2002 – for that one you want to ask the master of Drive-By Rack Lovings, Alex.

And on that note, a couple *HONK*HONK*s for Julie and Michelle and I’m off to get some lunch.

Rick Jessup

I’m glad everyone is enjoying

I’m glad everyone is enjoying the new tag-board on the right there – please do try to keep the posts family friendly. It is for chatting, not the free exchange of pornographic material. ;) While you’re surfing around please take note of the Blog links near the bottom of the page along the left side. There’s some great sites there to peruse, including my friend Michelle and some other great folks I don’t actually know, like Goalie-Girl and the Pirillo family.

I’ll try to post a bit more now that I’ve got this little automated blogging utility in here, it makes it a bit easier. I haven’t figured out the archiving yet, I think it’s been down so I haven’t been able to play. I’ll keep trying. My brain hurts, updating Gaming Jackpots for the World Cup is proving difficult – hopefully traffic will get a boost.