The Man Gets His Due

Mick Foley.

I know, a lot of you reading this are wondering who the heck that is, and in all likeliness, won’t care even after I tell you. But for those that do know the man, you know what I’m getting at.

Mick Foley, if you haven’t yet heard, will wrestle the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship Title away from Rocky Maivia this coming Monday night on the USA Network show WWF Monday Night Raw is War. We know this because it was taped on Tuesday, and news this big can’t stay hidden for long. For those, like me, that do know Foley, you know this is an idea whose time has come.

Mick Foley, in his current run, is in the World Wrestling Federation in any one (or in the case of the Royal Rumble, all) of four characters: Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, or plain ol’Mick Foley. Mick Foley is the name that viewers of Time Magazines online Man of the Year Poll saw as the TRUE number one vote-getter. (Time would later ignore this and give the award to Bill Clinton and Ken Starr). Why is this?

Mick Foley is the true everyman that we all wanted to see get to the top. Each time he grasped the top rung, someone was there to step on his hand and knock him back down. But the dang pest kept getting himself back up on that ladder and climbing again. He didn’t care about adversity, he didn’t care about push, pop, or laying down. He just kept doing what he was doing and fans kept loving it. He picked up the Tag Team Titles, but it wasn’t the Heavyweight Title he had gone on record at the tender age of 18 as wanting. He main evented more than a third of this years Pay Per View events, each time getting passed over to carry the belt home. Every time it happened, fans let out a collective groan and waited for him to get his due. And secretly, we all saw it as a case of the same affliction that caught Arn Anderson. A person that deserved the big title, but would never quite get that opportunity. Then, it happened.

Michael F. Foley is the WWF Heavyweight Champion. As stunning to read as it is to type. If you’re a wrestling fans, I know you care. If you aren’t, why are you still reading? Either way, the WWF and Vince McMahon have finally given the people what they want — the one true People’s Champion.

Congratulations Mick.