Rick in Vegas I

Hey all,

Just checking in from the press room here at the Global Gaming Expo. They’ve really set this up well, impressive. Free net access is great too as the net access in the room isn’t working out like I’d hoped.

I don’t have too long – lots of press, few computers. Check out WMS Gaming, a slot company that’s recently released Survivor, Hollywood Squares, Monopoly, and my favourite, Pac-Man (& Ms. Pac-Man) slots and video slots. These things are wild! I’m going to have to do at least one article on them, they’ve outdone themselves with these. I had a chance to play the bonus rounds of the Survivor one a couple times, lots of fun. They have them at my hotel and the progressive jackpot is already $386,000+!

Back to the show – lots to do, little time to do it. Thank God for Starbucks, they’re keeping me alive.