RIP Toronto Phantoms

I’m depressed today as I just found out, two months after the fact, that the Toronto Phantoms of the Arena Football League have folded. That picture up there is the pure childlike innocence of a man who has experienced his first AFL game. Never again shall I exhibit such youthful exuberance from a $10 sporting event. Never again shall I know the joys of a league that has girlies dance after every touchdown when the average score is 64-58. The pursuit of the almighty American greenback has soiled my day.

That’s the SECOND non-CFL/NFL football league I’ve enjoyed that’s been ripped from my grasp like a Twinkie at Jenny Craig meeting. HEHATEME indeed.


The Phantoms game last night

The Phantoms game last night was a lot of fun. As you can see from that beautiful webcam shot it was free mask night. Alex and I bought some cheap seats and, keeping my tradition alive, promptly strolled down to the railing against the end zone instead. I’m making a habit out of this. Some would say I’m being immoral and committing illegal acts, I just say I’m making the arena look a bit more full on television. I wish I’d taped it because, being seated at the end zone, and me with my stupid-a$$ mask on, we would have been all over Sportsnet last night. I even wore my XFL jersey! :) Unfortunately our beloved Phantoms lost the game after giving the ball away three times in the second half.

I’ll be posting the Friday quiz a bit later tonight so check back.

In the meantime, for those of you leaving early for the big Canada Day weekend, have a great time, play safe, don’t drink and drive, and remember – celebrate the birth of our great Country by blowing up a small part of it. Get them fireworks! WOOOOOO!!!!

Rick Jessup

I’m getting ready to go

I’m getting ready to go catch my first Toronto Phantoms game tonight as the gent that does my AFL picks for is in town to cheer on the Los Angeles team, and believe it or not, is actually staying in Palgrave, only minutes north of me. He and I will be joining Alex for some grub and the game. I’m not big on the CFL or NFL, although I was a fan of the XFL as the game was fast. I understand that there are some rule differences with the AFL that help speed it up and alter it a bit too so that should be cool.

This whole elephant’s toes thing was for that Google Challenge – I had a button for it down there on the right – but the contest was closed after Google got upset with the gent running it for sending artificial traffic. Oh well, I promise not to repeat that phrase again.

By the time you read this the latest site I’ve been working on with some others should be launched. I don’t own it or run it or anything like that, I merely got them off the ground with it and designed the actual theme and games and such. It’s an online casino, so if you like to gamble a bit (I don’t.. hehe..) maybe you can give it a once over and let me know what you think? is the URL. If you go there and the Download page doesn’t work just check back in a few hours, I’m told it will launch at 2:30.

Rick Jessup