‘The Amazing Race 7’ To Arrive Quickly

CBS is wasting no time capitalizing on the popularity of ‘The Amazing Race’ – popularity that took five seasons to establish. The third edition of the program in less than a year will arrive on Tuesday, March 1st with a special two hour premiere – only three weeks after the scheduled finale of the currently airing ‘The Amazing Race 6’. Also almost confirmed is this season’s reality celebrity team – Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, the engaged sweethearts from ‘Survivor: All Stars’.

The quick scheduling turnover is an about face from the words of CBS prior to the launch of ‘The Amazing Race 6′, when the launch date was postponed “to let the audience breathe a little before we bring the show back.” At the time CBS’ Vice President Kelly Kahl had told Variety “we’ve seen (evidence) that it really helps to put a little space between one version and the next.” It would appear network President Nina Tassler overruled these thoughts, choosing instead to capitalize on the big ratings the current program is pulling down.

The Amazing Race 3

I know a few of my visitors enjoy reality shows, as do I, so I thought I’d alert everyone that you can now meet the new teams from the Amazing Race 3 by clicking on that link. The format in team selection hasn’t changed, which should mean in a few months we’ll be congratulating Derek and Drew as our new TAM3 champions. I guess we’ll see.

“Reality shows suck.” How many of you thought of that when I brought the above note up? I can’t count how many times people have let loose with that intellectual jewel, that rich slice of wisdom, upon my mention of something to do with some reality show somewhere. Some reality shows suck. Like Boot Camp. But if given the choice between another rehashed sitcom about unlikely couples living beyond their means with their gay friend and something not nearly as poorly scripted, I’ll take the reality show. Besides, The Amazing Race rules because you get to see all sorts of exotic locations. Last season they hit New Zealand and rode the same jet boats I did, which was pretty cool to see on TV.

Watch the Amazing Race 3. Because sitcoms suck.