Waiting on the World to Change

So the past week has resulted in a number of excellent discussions around digital, and the future thereof, that seem to be dragging me out of the aforementioned funk I had found myself in. I think all us “grown up digital” kids get to a place from time-to-time where we’re just plain bored, and it requires the right person or the right conversation to grab us by the collar and pull us back up.

I can’t get my brain away from where the Internet will be in five years. 10 years. 20 years. The fact that most of what we see around us, and what we use day in and day out, has been built inside the last decade on tubes and pipes barely older than that is amazing. The information that has become available, the shrinking globe, and most importantly, the emerging relevance of trust. It’s leading me into an area where I really want to begin what would likely evolve into much of a thesis over the future, and as one once said, predicting the future is easy as it’s almost impossible to be proven wrong.

So while I geek out in the corner and start writing this down furiously into the cloud, do allow me this moment to offer you a 20-minute TED talk, provided to me by one Karly Gaffney after yet another rambling prediction at the office by myself. It’s almost 3 years old, yet contains information many of you are likely to find almost startling. And I think he’s really, really close. Enjoy!