Boredom Fading

Although myCaledon isn’t officially launched fully yet (aiming at 9/1) I have put up my first three DVD reviews. If everyone has a bit of time maybe you can give at least one a read and toss some comments in here to let me know what you think. Everything I do is a work-in-progress without that silly picture of the construction worker you see on all those Geocities sites. ;) Please note the 10 Easter Eggs I personally found in the Van Wilder DVD. That’s an accomplishment in my own mind, and I’m hoping they get listed at DVD Easter Eggs because it took me forever to find them all.

Vegas is almost booked for the 16th-20th of September. The hotel is taken care of thanks to my friend Steve and I’m just trying to confirm a cheap-ish flight – so far $505 seems to be as good as it’s going to get, CDN. This is going to be hella-cool because I’ve been dying to see Vegas for years now and never made it. Thank God I don’t gamble or I’d be in trouble.

I noticed Dr. Personality wasn’t filling for Chris on Call For Help today – why was that? He really kind of stunk the joint up on Monday, and today we got Brett instead. Brett’s pretty cool, even if he’s an evangelist for an inferior computer. ;)

BTW, my life sucks because I missed Gnomedex for a second year. Maybe next year – although that is what I said last year…