Oops, I Did It Again

Well, I just turned over all my Survivor: Pearl Islands winnings (and then some) on bets for Survivor: All Stars. I feel fairly confident I know who the Final Four are, which makes betting on some of these options rather easy. And for those wondering what I just bet on:

Survivor All-Stars: Which tribe will the winner emerge from?
Survivor All-Stars: Richard v Rupert – Who will survive the longest?
Survivor All-Stars: Rupert v Ethan – Who will survive the longest?

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CBS Orders Up More ‘Survivor’

That didn’t take long – and I told you not to worry. Perhaps in response to the angered ramblings of Mark Burnett during a press conference last week, CBS head Les Moonves has ordered two more rounds of ‘Survivor’. Second seasons were also ordered for popular CBS series ‘Two And A Half Men‘, ‘Joan Of Arcadia‘, ‘Cold Case‘, and ‘Navy NCIS‘.

The previously announced ‘CSI: New York’ will spin off of ‘CSI: Miami‘ during May sweeps in much the same way ‘CSI: Miami’ spun off an episode of ‘CSI‘.

‘Survivor’ To End?

The big talk in the World of ‘Survivor’ centres around a press conference comment by creator Mark Burnett when asked how he planned to top the pending ‘Survivor: All Stars‘: “Who said there’d be a next time? It’s not been ordered or discussed.”

Personally, I’m not terribly concerned that Survivor won’t continue, and it’s probably far too early to be worried about it.

More interesting notes to come out of the conference were that two former Survivors turned down their chance to appear on All-Stars: Survivor 2’s Elizabeth Filarski, who has now established a career on ‘The View’, and Survivor’s Colleen Haskell, who simply didn’t want to go through it again.

Even more interesting notes came out of an interview with Jeff Probst concerning sites like mine (oops) that spoil Survivor – it appears CBS will be diving whole-hog into issuing fake spoilers for this pending All Stars season in hopes of keeping the true spoilers hidden.

A Porn Again Survivor

I’ve gone and done it, about three months late. After episode one of Survivor I noted my pick to win was used car salesman Brian Heidik, thanks to his “it’s a business trip” comment. Fast forward and here he is, final four, and essentially running the game. Best player since Rich Hatch, no doubt. So I finally took the remaining $21 that’s been sitting in my Intertops account and dropped it at double odds on Mr. Heidik to win it all this Thursday. As a sidenote, as a self-professed reality show junkie, this would only be the second time I was right from day one – the first being Katherine from the first The Mole.

Incidentally, if you have a winner in mind and want to help support one of my side projects, click on the nice picture of Brian below this text to visit Intertops your own darn self and drop a little coin down.