Beer 12 of 28: Southern Tier Crème Brûlée Stout

A 9.2% Imperial Stout from Lakewood, NYThe Beer: A 9.2% Imperial Stout from Lakewood, NY
The Location: Jay’s place

Not a new one for me, but not one to turn down if you’ve tried it. Every June our friends across the border at Southern Tier produce this bomber of dessert, a lactose-infused “Imperial Milk Stout” that functions less as a beer and more as a communal post-dinner digestif. The first time I’d had it I served it at a family dinner as the accompaniment to the final course – a bread pudding made of brioche and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, amongst many more traditional ingredients, and it was a hit. Who was I to turn down another sample?

There’s probably not enough space or attention span to really get into what this beer is. It owns perhaps the greatest aroma of any beer you’ve witnessed, a jaw-dropping dead ringer for crème brûlée with rich caramel, cream and burnt sugar. It’s an experience unto itself. It’s possibly the richest, creamiest beer you’ve tried, halfway to a syrup as it pours into a snifter (recommended!) and awe-inspiring in its sweet, amazing flavour. For almost $10 a bottle I’m sure many have passed it by – take it from me, work this good is worth every penny.