MGM Execs Gone Wild!

Check it out! Yes, for all you fans of the flesh-baring, rip-roaring, misogynistic good time that is Girls Gone Wild, MGM has cut a deal to bring it to a big screen near you. No longer must you slink off to the back orifices of the local video store to satisfy your unsatiable lust for Mindy from Sellersville, PA and her stuffed chest – Mindy’s coming to the Cineplex! I haven’t yet decided if this is further indication that studios have run out of ideas or that Pacino was right when he said it was the Devil’s time (“I think we could all agree the twentieth century has been entirely mine.” – Devil’s Advocate, 1997).

In other news, my true feelings on the illustrious Segway Human Transporter are now located on my corporate blog at Crafty Puppy. I’ll be posting there fairly regularly, along with Andy and Alex, so bookmark it and pay the odd visit perhaps? The dry wit, insightful commentary, and odd humour will still be present over there – it’ll just be a bit more – corporate.

I love you all!