Come Back (Light Therapy)

I’ve been back for 22 hours now – it was an all-day trek and then some to get back from Miami, and I’ll have more fun to explain tomorrow. My system is right off its rocker because I was going to bed at 3AM every night on the cruise, so here it is 1:30 and I’m not tired yet. Gotta get back in the groove.

Thanks to Cliff and Alex for posting while I was gone. My comments after a brief once-over:

a) Cliff, the water on yet?

b) I have no use for NASA in general. Can someone tell me exactly why we’re still allowing our tax dollars to go towards useless trips into outer space? Unless we’re planning some sort of simultaneous jump to Mars when the Earth starts to burn up I fail to see how this is more valid than health care, education, or me owning a PlayStation 2.

c) The Atkins Diet is crap. Alex’s opinion does not yet matter because he hasn’t been on it for over 12 months. Just because it helps you lose weight doesn’t necessarily make it good. For example, you could lose 25 lbs instantly by slicing off your head, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Eat smart, and eat less than you work off. I don’t agree with either “eat to live” or “live to eat”, but I’m pretty sure there’s a happy middle.

Most importantly..