1. What high school did

1. What high school did you attend?
The Humberview Secondary School. Scumberview. Worst. School. Ever.

2. Were you involved in any extracurricular activities during your high school years?
Not really, no. There’s this really bad picture of me with big hair (oh he I miss ye) in my grade 8 yearbook from when I was in the International Club. That lasted for about 10 minutes, and yet they still managed to take a picture. I did SAC with Parn when he was elected in some form. Other than this, nothing.

3. What were the classes you most enjoyed?
The easy way out would be to say guitar because I took it for three years and it was the biggest joke of a credit ever. You know when the class comes with optional tests it’s not meant to be big credit. :) So I’ll go out on a limb and rear my intellectual side by saying Ms. Adele’s Creative Writing class. I felt so misunderstood for most of high school and just wrote everything down. The chance to be encouraged, no matter how odd, was a welcome change. I owe Ms. Adele a debt for that.

4. What was the name of your first high school date/girlfriend?
The first real ‘date’ would have been, and forgive me for the spelling if she ever found this page, Monica Micucki. I KNOW that’s not spelled right. I should go find a yearbook, but it’s late and I’m lazy. We had a single date where we went to Reuben’n’Wong’s (now extinct) and saw ‘Malice’ at Sherway Cinemas. Not like it’s much of a surprise to any high school friends, but my first big crush would have been Renee Degen. *gasp*

5. What was the name of your last high school date/girlfriend?
High school? Dangit.. Monica? :) I didn’t enter my dating phase until I hit University.

Until next week… and by the way, I grab these from random sites online. If there are any other questions any of you would rather I asked just send me a series of five (if possible) and they’ll be answered here next Friday.

Rick Jessup