Up With Kilts! Down With Pants!

Remember a few months back when we were discussing phrases spelled the same forwards as backwards? The longest one I’d found was:

go hang a salami, i’m a lasagna hog

Turns out Kip has bested me both in length and quality (we’re still talking about the phrases…) when he sent the following:

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas
Sure! Vomit, Tim! Over us!

Haha.. I love this stuff. Does anybody have any more of these? For those without a keen sense of the obvious, we’re spelling.. them.. backwards.. the same as.. forwards..

Now, before I’m off to roast a chicken, I leave you with my rally call of the day:



“Go hang a salami, I’m

“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog.”

That’s the longest phrase I’ve ever heard spelled the same forwards as backwards (minus the punctuation). Neat, eh?

Let me take a quick moment to wish a happy Canada Day to all that live in the greatest country in the World. Please be safe tonight in whatever you chose to do – drinking beer is always a great way to celebrate, just make someone else is holding the keys. Our neighbours got an early start last night by lighting off fireworks in their back yard (we all share this huge stretch of yard because none of us have a fence yet), it was kind of fun to watch. Then I remembered fireworks aren’t cheap and here I was watching for free so I went back in. Hopefully I’ll be heading up to Albion Hills tonight to see how the pros do it. Looking forward to it.

It’s watermelon season! $3.88 at your local Zehrs. I love that stuff.

Rick Jessup