Dear Crybabies:

Clive and Michelle – this means you. As noted in yesterday’s blog entry regarding Christmas gifts to fellow bloggers, I noted I had perused wishlists to obtain these fine gift ideas. Unfortunately, the two of you have not yet discovered Amazon apparently, and have not created publicly accessible wishlists that allow me to faux-purchase an item you wish to own. I did check. Now CHOP CHOP quick go and make lists, post them on your sites, and I’ll pick something to pretend to give you. :) In the meantime – Clive, you get a $100 gift certificate at Itops and a Venti Tazo Chai, non fat. Michelle, you get a new kilt and some overalls. ;)

* Why can’t I download the new Tribe of Judah album on the Internet? I’m a poor boy who can’t afford to pay the exorbitant retail prices, that’s assuming I could even find it in Canada. I will buy it eventually but I want to hear it NOW. Stupid Kazaa.
* Explain to me what’s so difficult about driving on dry roads when there’s snow on the grass in the fields alongside you? The roads are DRY. Speed up or clear a path, slapnuts.
* Why can’t I buy the new G.I. Joe figurines in Canada? Wal-Mart gets about four of them in a year after the US gets them, and they’re wickedly overpriced. I just buy them online, but it can’t be that hard to import them here. Don’t even get me started on Toys’r’Us, they don’t even make the effort.
* Speaking of Toys’r’Us and effort, why does their site suck so large? I can’t find a single thing of valuable interest there. It’s all toys for babies that are entertained by paper and buttons and certainly don’t need me to pay $30 to ship some wacky Tech Deck thing here.
* Charles Schultz is dead. :(
* If this brain surgeon suing Augusta to limit clubs from only allowing men is successful, a man should immediately demand entry into the Women’s Field Hockey Team, the LPGA, and the Girl Guides. It’s the same thing, rocket scientists.
* Why can’t hockey cards be $2 for a pack of 10, look nice, and not have more subsets than Rosie has cupcakes? I like hockey, I like cards, I don’t like spending $7 for 4 cards and a chance to win a chunk of Jim Korn’s 20-year old soiled jersey.
* Why can’t the blogging community stop from getting in a mass public squabble every four months over NOTHING. My apologies to those of you who have randomly selected links down there on the left only to read moronic blatherings of people who are either too high on self-importance or so needy they’re kissing up to the others. Just shut up and type.
* Martha Stewart is still on my TV.
* Bobby Flay is no longer on my TV.
* I can’t buy Mourning Widows albums in North America.

Venting has ceased.


This post is great… FOR

This post is great… FOR ME TO POOP ON! I kiiid.. I kiiiiid… (my shout-out to GoalieGirl)


1. The Relay for Life Cancer run this Friday is still on, I’ve got final details. I’m part of a group of 10 who will have to keep in continuous motion around a track from 7PM until 7AM Saturday morning. That’s going to throw a wrench in my plans if I end up getting a ticket to Vegas for this weekend. All run and no sleep make Rick something something… Donations to the cause are still being accepted, and tax receipts will be mailed from the Canadian Cancer Society for any donations of $10 or more. If you can give anything that would be great!

2. The script is coming along. I completed what I feel is a great soundtrack this week – it’s 16 songs and one bonus song. The tracklist, should anyone feel like looking them up, is as follows. Please note that, as soon as I’m confident enough that the script is coming along well, I’m buying the domain and the soundtrack will then be available up there. The heart of the film wraps around the song Radio King by Golden Smog, but as written so far, a lot of these songs gain good exposure.

1. Wilco – Secret Of The Sea
2. Steve Earle and The V-Roys – Johnny Too Bad
3. Whiskeytown – Don’t Wanna Know Why
4. Steely Dan – Time Out Of Mind
5. Son Volt – Back Into Your World
6. Wilco – Passenger Side
7. Skydiggers – This Is No Time
8. Mourning Widows – True Love In The Galaxy
9. Jars of Clay – Needful Hands
10. Glen Phillips – Easier
11. Ryan Adams – When The Stars Go Blue
12. Steve Poltz – Leavin’ Again
13. Chantal Kreviazuk – Surrounded
14. The Dears – Autonomy
15. Wilco – Remember the Mountain Bed
16. Golden Smog – Radio King
** Secret Song ** Byron Lee – Dollar Wine

Rick Jessup