Friday Five

Ok, so I haven’t done a quiz in weeks. But I’ll do one today. Even though it’s not Friday. As Alex might say, WVA!! Of course, he won’t say that now because he’s too busy writing a thousand page thesis on his blog. I guess talking about chicks and beer just doesn’t cut it for every guy.

1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it?
My treat of the three years (I lease .. don’t bug me about it ..) is a black 2000 Pontiac Grand AM GT.

2. Do you drive very often?
Not any more, since I started working from home. The first year I had the car I put about 35,000 km on it. This last year, about 10,000.

3. What’s your dream car?
I have two. A Pontiac Aztek and a Mazda GLC. The Mazda would, obviously, not be an every day car. I’d love to rebuild one, even though I know NOTHING about cars. The Aztek is what I’ve been holding out until this lease expires for. I drove one last summer and it was drop dead amazing. Whether you like the outside or not, you have to drive it before judging it. Amazing ride, and the number one rating in customer satisfaction of any car.

4. Have you ever received a ticket?
Oh yeah. A handful of speeding when I was younger, and last year after years of driving completely sane and safe, a ticket on a back country road at 1:30AM for doing a rolling stop. Seriously. And I didn’t run it – I slowed down to a crawl, glanced over, no cars and sped off. A cop was hiding in the trees and got me for it. I asked him if it made his life some more meaningful to bust me for not quite stopping when Bolton has a problem with kids speeding down the hill. That really got on my last nerve.

5. Have you ever been in an accident?
Yup, the last time I was actively trying to work out regularly and get stronger. It’s a magnet for ill health, I tells ya. On the weekend I was benching 250 lbs. at my cousin’s house – headed to Ottawa on business and got sideswiped in my old Sunfire. It wrecked my back (although I didn’t know until the next day) and I went immediately down to benching 10 lbs. Took about four months of therapy to rebound from it to a decent degree, but my back is still nasty.


Friday quiz time – cheers!

Friday quiz time – cheers!

  1. What time do you wake up in the morning? 7:30AM, Monday through Sunday.
  2. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? Robert Schuller.
  3. Gold or silver? Silver.
  4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Attack of the Clones (twice)
  5. Favourite TV show? Ever? Dukes of Hazzard. Now? Any in that list on your left.
  6. What do you have for breakfast? Cereal and possibly yogurt.
  7. What would you hate to be left in a room with? Madonna and/or Alanis.
  8. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No.
  9. Who inspires you? Family, friends, and those that do nice things.
  10. Beach or city? City. Hate beaches. Like water, hate sand.
  11. Summer or winter? Nowadays, summer, because it hasn’t been that hot.
  12. Favourite ice cream? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  13. Buttered, plain or salted popcorn? If I HAVE to have popcorn, plain.
  14. Favourite color? Color: blue. Shade: black.
  15. Favourite car? Mazda GLC
  16. Favourite sandwich? Grilled cheese.
  17. True love? Yes.
  18. What characteristics do you despise? Dishonesty and deceit.
  19. Favourite flower? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…
  20. If you had a big win on the lottery, how long before you told people? As long as possible.
  21. Fizzy or still water as a drink? Still, with lemon.
  22. What color is your bathroom? Black and ‘taupe’, which being a man, I refer to as ‘light brown’.
  23. How many keys on your key ring? Four.
  24. Where would you retire to? Charlottetown, PEI.
  25. Can you juggle, if yes how many? Balls? Two.
  26. Favourite day of the week? They’re all the same to me, I’m working 24/7 nowadays.
  27. Red or white wine? None. If forced, white.
  28. What did you do for your last birthday? Turned 28. Dinner with family and the Mrs.

Rick Jessup