Kip Needs Help

Okay folks, I need some serious help here. My good pal Cliff (you’ll see him on the zonkboard on the right, scroll up if he’s disappeared) has tweaked a memory of mine. He mentioned watching Write On, and if he’s a fellow member of the TV Ontario generation, then i’m thinking of the same show as him. (The show was about a guy named Henry, sitting at his typewriter, always in trouble with his boss?)

Anyway, Cliff’s post reminded me of another TVO show which I’ve been trying to name for the past few years. From what I remember, it didn’t have much dialogue and it centred around a group of people who spent most of their time in what looked like an art studio. They’d work as a team to create large pictures which took form as time-lapse photography condensed a couple of hours into about a minute. The weird thing about this show was that every now and then this giant caterpillar that looked like a feather boa would suddenly fly out of the ductwork and freak everyone out, and they’d run around in a mad panic for a little bit. Kinda like whenever Gilligan accidentally lit his butt on fire and did laps around the beach before sitting in the lagoon.

Another thing I remember is that the title of this show was presented in a little animated piece, where it was written in cursive writing (that means non-printing), rotated 90 degrees, and reflected along a vertical axis so the screen had a left-right symmetry to it. The shape made by moving the title this way created an image that looked like the face of the caterpillar which terrorized the humans in the art studio. I’m not sure, but the name of the show may have been a French word.

I know this post means nothing (except maybe a bad trip) to anyone outside of the Ontario/northern New York State/Western Quebec readership, but it’s been bugging me for ages. Does anyone know the name of this show that’s been haunting me since I was five?



Well, the time has come for me to bid adieu once again. I’m leaving my wife to guard the homestead, and that’s not at all frightening. The frightening part comes in who I’ve left to guard the site…

Alex, Kip, and Rob will be taking turns guest blogging from now through Thursday, and Lord knows what they’ll talk about or say. I’ve known two of them for about 20 years now so they might have a few interesting things to say. Give them comments and zonks to make them feel at home.

Since I’m demonstrating all week in London I won’t be near a computer that I know of so this should be the last you hear from me for a bit. Y’all have a good week, and take care!


Up With Kilts! Down With Pants!

Remember a few months back when we were discussing phrases spelled the same forwards as backwards? The longest one I’d found was:

go hang a salami, i’m a lasagna hog

Turns out Kip has bested me both in length and quality (we’re still talking about the phrases…) when he sent the following:

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas
Sure! Vomit, Tim! Over us!

Haha.. I love this stuff. Does anybody have any more of these? For those without a keen sense of the obvious, we’re spelling.. them.. backwards.. the same as.. forwards..

Now, before I’m off to roast a chicken, I leave you with my rally call of the day:



Get The Trapper.

This will be my last entry until Monday. After my bitter post demanding personal vacation time a week ago or so I took advantage of Mar’s offtime tomorrow and Friday to book some time at the cottage of my friend Craig. This usually involves relaxing, sitting around, fishing with lobsters (don’t ask), and at least one evening of excessive libation inhalation. I blame this on the poor influence of Craig who I once witnessed drinking 38 beers in one day. Regardless of all this, it’s four days in the calming surroundings of Echo Lake in the Muskokas where I will continue my five year quest to catch a fish. Little mofos are going to bite one of these years. ;( And for those of you thinking of breaking into my house and stealing my white tequila I say POO POO! The watchful eyes of a friend of the family will be here to guard over my house AND imported alcohol collection.

I’m going to chalk up the AudioBlog experiment as a rousing failure seeing as I didn’t get ONE comment in the comments area – Kip, the nice guy that he is, at least proved he listened to it with a Zonkboard post. As for the Trapper…

Kip can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to guess this is dating circa 1993 or so. We could drive, I remember that. We headed out to Bramalea City Centre where we went shopping for stupid toys. We each got a Nerf gun with foam darts and a Cookie Monster figurine. We then headed to the Beer Store with the intention of buying something we’d never heard of. We scoured the wall until one of us noticed a bottle of “Niagara Trapper” featuring a non-glossy label housing a drawing of a lumberjack kayaking down a river. This was the winner. I walked up to the cashier and requested a 6 of Niagara Trapper. His normal process of glazingly repeating the order through the microphone without so much as looking up was stirred when he realized what was happening. He glanced up and asked “Niagara Trapper?” I said yes, and pointed towards it. He gets on the mic and announces “get the trapper”. THE Trapper. We headed to my house with “the Trapper”, chock full of an inch high layer of dust, our toys, and decided to order the “ultimate pizzas”. I have no idea what was on them, I just remember they were medium pizzas from 241 and each had to have about 7 toppings. We then shot our Nerf guns, ate pizza, drank Trapper, and played electric guitar while watching TV and recording everything on audio cassette. I distinctly remember one conversation detailing how “hot” the girl in the Freedom 55 ad and other assorted ramblings of 19 year olds who had just eaten their weight in pizza, drank their weight in Trapper, and shot each other silly with Nerf foam darts.

Coming next week – the even more entertaining tail of Kip being pulled over by the cops while walking a block back to his house with an armful of Trapper empties and a bag of toys. :) Actually, Kip, if you’re reading this – send me this account in your own words and I’ll post it up. hehe..

See ya later, all – have a great weekend! Don’t forget to visit me again on Monday, show me some love. :(