Another boring day of typing

Another boring day of typing and staring and typing and staring. I guess the good news is I had a good 90-100 minute session at the gym where I worked my shoulder at about 75% of my normal weight capacity and it held up quite well. A few pops and crackles but no deep pain to speak of so that made me happy. I really gave it a good workout – everytime I did something and it didn’t hurt I’d do something else to it. Good stuff.

In preparation for hopefully taking that cooking course that eluded me in April this September I’ve begun trying to cook fancy stuff again when Mar is home nights. Last night it was Cumin-crusted chicken soft tacos with cheddar-lime corn. The tacos turned out really well, and the corn should have been better, I got carried away with the lime. I love lime and can often get a bit carried away. It was a neat combo, though – next time I’m going to use less lime on the corn and try a dry white cheese, like blue. BTW, does anybody else take advantage of this time of year to only use corn on the cob? I love that stuff, I NEVER use frozen or canned corn in the summer months. Just soak them in the husks for a half hour or so and you can safely cook them on the BBQ or in the oven with the husks on and allow the sugars to caramelize inside. Trust me. :)

I bought some bleach for the fuzz I have left on my head, and then I realized if I go through with this I’m going to look like Flea from the RHCP. Hrm. I might do it anyways and keep the goatee dark so I look like a real freak.

Me tired go work now,
Rick Jessup

Vanilla Coke is in CANADA,

Vanilla Coke is in CANADA, baby! I saw it at Zehr’s today and picked up a couple of cases. This stuff is nice, make sure you grab some to try. I’ve been making vanilla Coke at home for a good 10 or 15 years since my Mom introduced it to me. She had it as a kid and got me to try it and I was hooked. It’s been available at Jack Astor’s for years as well – now it’s available in official cans and bottles.

TLC is finally running their roller coaster shows again today – I’m watching “Greatest Thrill Rides” now – if you’re reading this from Canada try to catch it today, loads of fun. The things they do with these roller coasters are insane – Canada’s rules are much more strict, which is why Rob and I have been considering a trip to Sandusky, Ohio for the past couple years to catch some rolly coasters at Cedar Point. These shows bring you not only to view the best coasters in the world in action, but also behind the scenes on how the new concepts are created. One interesting tidbit – the Superman Ride of Steel coaster in California is taller than the highest point in the State of Florida. Go figure. :)

In other, far more irritating news, my shoulder “fell” at the store today, meaning it shifted downwards. Not a good downwards either. My arm think it’s resting place is on a 45 degree angle now. This is really starting to grate on my nerves. A lot. I’m back at the gym tomorrow for a workout and a swim – I haven’t decided if it’s best to let it be or push it a bit yet. I’ll ask the sports doc before I go.

Rick Jessup

Sorry I’ve been MIA for

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple days. I’m in a stage where I have at least one great idea I want to do something with but I don’t have the financial backing required to make it work. So I’ve been sitting here working and working away, trying to find the magic combination that’s going to make it happen. I’ll keep everyone posted on it.

In the meantime, the new gym here in Bolton opened up. Rob, his girlfriend Carrie, and I headed up to their grand opening on Sunday. For a bit of background, this gym is run by the Town of Caledon, but they insist no taxpayers money has been used on it. The cost was astronomical but there has been a huge amount of support by local business to get it made. It was supposed to be ready in November but finally opened on Sunday. Inside, I’m not sure what can be said. The place has to be one of the most poorly designed buildings I’ve ever seen. Thousands upon thousands of square footage, and the vast majority of it devoted to offices, halls, and basic blank walkway. In fact, in this entire building about as wide as a city block here, the entire workout facility portion of it (weights and cardio machines) is housed on the inner area of a track measuring 1/16th of a mile. Ya. The new pool is nice, but unless you drop the $499 + tax for a membership it’ll cost you $5 a trip to use it. I had originally stood up for the cost of it, noting that a good full-feature gym in Toronto is going to probably cost even a bit more than that. Yet I have to admit, the amenities have not necessarily increased from their old location – the equipment just happens to be newer. Nobody seemed terribly impressed.

Furthermore, I misplaced my original pass and couldn’t find it after three constant days of looking. I went up to get a replacement and was met with a $15 fee for it. For a piece of plastic that took them moments to print. Trust me, if you’re in Bolton – and unless a pool means an AWFUL lot to you – you’re better off to stick with Reflex uptown. It’s cost is much less and the people are a heckuva lot nicer. I have not yet meet a collection of nasty broom-riders than the staff at the new Caledon Centre for Wellness. I’ve asked around, I’m not alone with that. I’ve heard the Community Centre staff are ready to throw a party now that they’re gone.

And in a shoulder update (big update today!) it didn’t react too well to baseball, nor did it react well to weightlifting today. That’s not a good sign. The belief of my sports doc now is that there might be a tear in there as well. The longer this goes on and the pain persists the more I have to come to terms with the fact that it’s probably going to require surgery, which would not only put me out of action for a while, but also involves a reduction of shoulder mobility in the future. I’m doing everything I can, by the book, to heal this the right way but it’s not taking. I DON’T want surgery. *sigh*

Rick Jessup

UPDATE: Back from the chiropractor/sports

UPDATE: Back from the chiropractor/sports doctor. He’s a former NY Ranger and knows his way around injuries like this, which was good. The results aren’t impressive. In my right arm alone I have an injury I kept under wraps for the last 11 years which I discussed with him today. Turns out that all our muscles have a plastic-like coating called a ‘sheath’ over them to keep them in place. The sheath over my bicep is torn, hence the fact my bicep comes out the side of my arm. Injury two: tendonitis in the left elbow which only really came about since I began weight-training. Finally, the big one from Sunday, my shoulder separated. As noted in my Biography I have always had the ability to disclocate both shoulders on request – over time, this adeptness to dislocation in my shoulders has worn that area down. On one particular throw from the outfield on Sunday my shoulder came out and snapped back in. Did it a second time on the bench. I’ve now done some decent damage to the entire area, from muscles to tendons to cartildge, etc.. They did some minor massage therapy, then some ultrasound, and I’m back in two more times this week for follow-ups. He thinks it can be fixed over time by icing it and keeping it mobile through weight training and so forth, but if it doesn’t, it’s a one-way ticket to surgery for me. Needless to say, no more heavy throwing for me. New gym opens on Monday and then it’s wrapping the elbow to stabilize and try to strengthen up the entire arm.

BTW, we can add these to the previously posted back problems, as well as a broken rib, two broken toes, and patella-femoral syndrome (no cartildge) in both knees. Not a bad record for 28 years. ;)

Rick Jessup

Week three of my return

Week three of my return to softball on Sunday, our team blew them away. My batting picked up a bit (still not what it once was) but the defense was still there. Unfortunately I’ve done something nasty to my right (throwing) shoulder. I’ve been having arm problems but had heretofore ignored them. I threw a hard one in from centre trying to nab a runner at third and it felt like I’d been stabbed right in the tricep. I finished the game, but come last night, couldn’t handle it. Mar had to dope me up on a couple pills, iced, and basically finally fell asleep. This morning, no big difference. My amateur Internet diagnosis at basically told me that if your shoulder cracked (which it did) and then has perpetual pain, it’s either a) a tear, b) a sprain, or c) a separation. I would think if it was separated I’d be able to see something but there’s nothing visible, not even bruising. So I guess it’s off to the doc with me today. *sigh* Hopefully the diagnosis is better this time than when I finally got my back checked last year (after 16 years of ignoring it) to find out that the muscle bump in my back was actually a sideways disc protruding out with four-to-five discs above it slipped out. That was nice. :)

Wish me luck.
Rick Jessup