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So my thoughts on the Atheist Bus Campaign seemed to spark a bit of an energetic Zonkboard yesterday, which I suppose is their intention. For those reading this moons from now Justin Trottier and his Freethought Association of Canada (yes, with the spelling error) have launched the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign, thieved in whole from a British campaign of similar nature. Both campaigns are surrounding a transit ad campaign advertising “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

So my first and foremost thought is, of course, that “There’s probably no God” is not an Atheist argument at all, it’s an Agnostic argument. Bring this up to an Atheist on Facebook and, apparently, it’s “semantics”. It’s not semantics, it’s the single piece of belief that makes an Atheist an Atheist. You don’t believe God exists. The secondary argument that the British wouldn’t allow a more steadfast comment is beside the point as we’re in Canada, not Britain, and their Facebook group is selling merchandise online with the same slogan. Besides, I feel strongly that God exists, and can assure you that if a regulatory body told me I wasn’t allowed to say “There is a God” I wouldn’t be changing my message. Chacon son gout?

Similar to the Mormons coming to the Christian rescue on California’s Prop 8 we now have the just-as-inexplicable United Church rising to the challenge this time around. The United Church, utilizing Toronto’s Smith Roberts Creative Communications, will be countering the Atheist ads with some of their own stating: “There’s probably a God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” You can read up and complain at For the record I think the United Church is a farce, and personally object to their use of “probably” just as much as I do the Atheists, although the humour/object is not lost on me.

For those angry at TTC Chair Adam Giambrone for accepting the ads to begin with his response was: “”We are going to accept the ads because we accept religious advertising on the (TTC) system. Our legal interpretation is that you cannot discriminate based on creed.. So we understand some of our patrons may be concerned about it, but there certainly are and have been ads (on the TTC) promoting one religion or another.”

In other news, Stains the Dog rules. Someone needs to give that dog a dang cupcake.

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