Settled Down Like Rain

Wow. When I decided to start hitting concerts again I picked a good place to start, last night’s The Jayhawks and Josh Rouse show was INSANE. Alex accompanied me and was later thankful I’d convinced him to go – a mighty good compliment from a gent that normally listens to electronica – and we met Frank from while we were there. Great guy, great site, check it out.

Anyways, Josh Rouse was on his game to start off playing mostly material from his new 1972 album (1972, Love Vibration, Sunshine (Come On Lady), Slaveship, Comeback (Light Therapy), Under Your Charms, Flight Attendant, Rise), but delving into Under Cold Blue Stars (Miracle, Feeling No Pain) for two songs. Rouse writes such catchy little 70’s-tinged pop songs that you really can’t help but enjoy it, and he certainly had the crowd as the opener. Things picked up even more for The Jayhawks, making their third trip through Toronto in recent memory – their first time as a headliner.

Owners of 6 albums dating back to 1989 (and one indie from 1986) I was surprised to find the band played songs from all their major albums, not simply showcasing the new stuff. They claimed their version of Pray For Me to be the first playing since 1995 but it sounded just as good as everything else. The guitar mastery on Waiting For The Sun and Sister Cry proved to me that if The Jayhawks had existed in the era of The Byrds, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream, etc.., they’d be one of the biggest names in music. There’s no possible way for me to indicate exactly how “on” they sounded last night, but by God I’m going to find myself a bootleg if it exists.

For fans and collectors you’ll find the songs they played below the drop down. For non-fans, get with it and make sure you’re by my side the next time these boys hit town. ;)


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