‘Survivor’ To End?

The big talk in the World of ‘Survivor’ centres around a press conference comment by creator Mark Burnett when asked how he planned to top the pending ‘Survivor: All Stars‘: “Who said there’d be a next time? It’s not been ordered or discussed.”

Personally, I’m not terribly concerned that Survivor won’t continue, and it’s probably far too early to be worried about it.

More interesting notes to come out of the conference were that two former Survivors turned down their chance to appear on All-Stars: Survivor 2’s Elizabeth Filarski, who has now established a career on ‘The View’, and Survivor’s Colleen Haskell, who simply didn’t want to go through it again.

Even more interesting notes came out of an interview with Jeff Probst concerning sites like mine (oops) that spoil Survivor – it appears CBS will be diving whole-hog into issuing fake spoilers for this pending All Stars season in hopes of keeping the true spoilers hidden.