migraines suck

time to type in all lower case again, means i’ve managed to grab another migraine. i left at 11:30 today for buffalo to pick Rob and his girlfriend Carrie up at the airport from their cruise on the Grand Princess, which looks more like a huge iron than a cruise ship. i just got back now and my head hurts, at some point my neck cracked and that always sets it off. i did managed to get lunch at Bennigans which makes it all worthwhile.

now for the other news – for reasons that will become clear in the new year i’ll likely soon be changing the url to this site. i haven’t finalized my plans for a new url, so if you’ve got some ideas, flip’em my way. there’s one i’m fixated on that’s the likely winner, but suggestions are always good. this site will likely change rather abruptly, and rather significantly, come january.

time to go watch the leafs beat the bruins (fingers crossed)