Wow.. so a few days

Wow.. so a few days since an update, but I had my reasons. The Relay for Life was extremely difficult, but an absolutely amazing event that was planned perfectly and seemed to go off without a hitch. My initial thanks need to go to Alex, Carrie, Christine, Mary, Ray, Rob, Stephen, Nan, Bumps, and my parents for contributing donations towards the cause. I personally raised over $150 towards the Canadian Cancer Society. The event featured no fewer than 40-50 teams of 10, all who contributed some amount, so no doubt the event was a success.

We arrived around 6PM and started unloading what I thought was way too much stuff (I ended up being right). I personally brought a small backpack of stuff, a blanket and pillow, and a cooler full of drinks for everyone. Somehow we ended up, between nine of us, with three tents, four coolers/baskets, and bags upon bags upon bags of stuff. It looked like we were staying a week. We certainly wouldn’t want for anything while we were there, and if we had, the volunteers and great sponsoring companies took care of it. There were full dinners and breakfasts, snacks, yogurts, apples, bananas, Gatorade, coffee, tea, you name it. It was ALWAYS there. There were live bands and karoake, games like volleyball and glowing mini golf, and an awesome set of portable toilets featuring a logo containing a sweating bear running for the door. :)

The team (consisting of the captain, my sister Kim, her husband Jeff, myself, Sandy Young, Barb Luxton, Chad Critchley, Cari Critchley, and their parents Jack and Connie Critchley) then began with me, Kim, and Jack starting things off. One team member had to be on the track at all times. As a team I believe we managed somewhere in the area of 170 laps of the 1-mile track. I personally managed 20 of them, although most came in the early parts of the night, from about 8PM until a bit after midnight.

I won’t bore you with details – thanks to all that donated, and I’m still trying to recover. :) Walking 20 miles in a night can hurt when you’re not used to it. Hehe..

Because I was doing this over Friday night I didn’t have a chance to do my weekly questions post – I’ll get that tomorrow morning instead. Incidentally, I won’t be making it to Vegas this week so I’m still around if needed. You know where to find me!

Rick Jessup