Anthony Carr Rules the Universe

Anthony Carr, yet another gent who makes me question my life’s vocational choices, has cut loose with his yearly “predictions” of what should take place over the next year. For those not familiar with this guy, he’s been predicting wild things for years. He frequently manages to hit one or two (simply because he makes about 400), and his claim to fame is predicting the sexual deviancy of Michael Jackson (click his name – do it!) before it happened. Whilst some might argue that this prediction hardly warrants applause, let alone a paycheque, people like me still enjoy reading his drivel. Amongst this year’s treasures:

  • The Eiffel Tower will be toppled.
  • Crop circles are real!
  • Michael Jackson gets involved in drugs, jailed, and dies.

But how do we know he’s full of horse pucky? “Maple Leafs to win Stanley Cup (honestly)”. Uh-huh. Idiot. You can read his full list of predictions by clickin’ yer dang mouse here.

I’m off to the Grandparents to catch the future Stanley Cup Champions (ha!) and drink a little tea. Don’t muss up the place while I’m out, k?