Shades of Grey….

So did anyone happen to actually watch the NHL All-star game last night? The first hockey All-star game in three years seems to have been met not with anticipation, but rather a complete sense of indifference from the masses. Over the course of the last week I have listened to hockey analysts from all over weigh in on how the game is nothing more than a joke and really means nothing to the players or the fans. I guess I would have to agree with this as I felt my time was best served elsewhere while the best and brightest from the NHL fired puck after puck at those poor goalies. So I guess the question here is show the NHL even bother with the game and festivities or move on with the much more important season games.

Does any have an opinion one way or the other? Or, like me, do you simply not care.

Its seems that all my hockey lust has been directed to my duties with the ECHL fantasy hockey league that Rick and I are running this year. Now the zonk-trolls would have you believe that I have blown a gasket so soon into the season, but in reality all is well for me. I have enjoyed answering emails all day and look forward to running the games each night. Rick has been a big help stepping in to handle the one thing that I didn

Hooray for Losers!

For hockey fans, my streak of days picking a money game correctly now stands at 17 days after last night’s unpopular, but correct, Vancouver over Colorado pick. If the Kings hadn’t surprised the Stars I would have had a perfect day. On the topic of hockey, and I’m not sure how many hockey fans are out there, but I have a bone to pick. A few years back a massive brain fart by the powers that be in the NHL decided it would be a great idea to start giving teams a point for losing games. If you’ve ever seen a hockey stat in the paper you’ll see something like this: 11-7-1-4, which means 11 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie, and 4 losses in overtime. In the old (read: good) days of the NHL, that stat would be 11-11-1 – 11 wins, 11 losses, 1 tie. In the present NHL, 11-7-1-4 equals 27 points, while in the old days, 23. So now not only are teams being rewarded for being losers in Overtime, but you’ll actually get teams like the Leafs last year who score 100 points and start proclaiming how great they are to have finally scored more than 100 points. You’re not great, you got 4 points for losing in Overtime, and therefore have 96 points. Losers.

And as a special reward for sitting through my little venting, I present to you your own opportunity to purchase a Bible autographed by Jesus! I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact someone is selling a Bible autographed “To Nick, Keep on Truckin’, Love Jesus” or the fact that bidding is already up to $31.


Anthony Carr Rules the Universe

Anthony Carr, yet another gent who makes me question my life’s vocational choices, has cut loose with his yearly “predictions” of what should take place over the next year. For those not familiar with this guy, he’s been predicting wild things for years. He frequently manages to hit one or two (simply because he makes about 400), and his claim to fame is predicting the sexual deviancy of Michael Jackson (click his name – do it!) before it happened. Whilst some might argue that this prediction hardly warrants applause, let alone a paycheque, people like me still enjoy reading his drivel. Amongst this year’s treasures:

  • The Eiffel Tower will be toppled.
  • Crop circles are real!
  • Michael Jackson gets involved in drugs, jailed, and dies.

But how do we know he’s full of horse pucky? “Maple Leafs to win Stanley Cup (honestly)”. Uh-huh. Idiot. You can read his full list of predictions by clickin’ yer dang mouse here.

I’m off to the Grandparents to catch the future Stanley Cup Champions (ha!) and drink a little tea. Don’t muss up the place while I’m out, k?


24 + 1

Kip said it better than I could:

“…this looks like it’s gonna be a good season. Hopefully the next 23 episodes are as good as they were last year, with the same sort of unexpected plot twists that come out of left field. Seriously, people. Watch this show.”

Did everyone catch the season premiere of 24 last night, aired without commercial interruption? As Kip notes in the comments of the previous post, much time was spent building some history over the passings of the last year through character conversation, but now that the base plot is set we can see things are moving right along. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t tune in at least once.

In other, far more important news, Wade Belak has demanded a trade. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!! Well then, who are the Leafs to not honour such a request? I mean, as much as we could use the ONE GOAL he scored ALL OF LAST SEASON. Yo! Belak! The problem is usually players require some form of a skill set before another team will offer up something for them. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade a Big Mac and a bag of pucks for this guy.


If you’ve been paying attention,

If you’ve been paying attention, you know I love the Toronto Maple Leafs. You also know I HATE HATE HATE Wade Belak. I wish ill will upon Wade Belak. I wish Wade Belak would take an errant skate blade to the head – not enough to kill, but enough to retire. I’d settle for a trade, though. So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced today that the Leafs had resigned the defensive wunderkind to a new contract – details withheld. I’m telling you now, if he cost more than a Big Mac and a bag of pucks he came too expensive. Oftentimes it’s hard to indicate exactly how bad one particular hockey player is without actually watching a game. But this, friends, might give you some idea – as excerpted from today’s press release:

“Belak, 26, set career-highs in 2001-02 for games played (63), goals (1-tie), assists (3), points (4), and penalty minutes (142).”

Yes, friends. Good old Wade Belak, utility forward and defense, tied his career high in goals last season with 1. 1 goal. What this means is, prior to these two stellar seasons of lighting up the twine with a goal, Wade Belak had scored as many goals in the NHL as I had. I’m going to e-mail the Toronto Maple Leafs to point out a glaring grammatical error in that press release. Why, it says “goals (1-tie)”, where it should say “goal (1-tie)”. And for being a useless blockhead with the scoring touch of a diseased coyote, Belak will make more money next season than I will in the next 10. If Belak was to score a hat trick in one game he would more than double his career goal output. I’m quite surprised we resigned him. You’d think his agent would have been beating General Managers back with a stick. I mean, what team wouldn’t love a goal every one or 63 games?

Rick Jessup