Monday Mission 3.04

Thanks to Rob for taking care of this in my abscence last week, but alas, I return and do this one my own darn self. Props to PromoGuy for providing this every week.

1. Do you care for poetry? Do you have a favorite poem? Care to share some of it?
I don’t write poetry so much as I used to write a lot of songs. The creative waned years ago for reasons I don’t plan on going into here, but the songs remain. I do think that, at a young age, I did have a handle on how to write a deep set of lyrics. Here’s my favourite, written in 1996:

What’s on my mind? What’s left to be said?
My ears have long since tired of the problems in my head
Can I please sign off my fears along this dark line…
A life of lies has plagued me for longer than I care to share with you
You don’t care about me but that’s okay ’cause I could care less too.
When was the time when I ceased to believe
That dreaming brought not what we want but gave just what we need?
Could I please find some solace in what is not mine?
A life of lies has plagued me for longer than I care to share with you
You don’t care about me but that’s okay ’cause I could care less too.
You may find I’m different from pen to page and mouth to ear
I’d like to be as flippant as you were when you said you could not hear

2. What does it take to “rock your world?”
A song so good you have to close your eyes to hear it.

3. Have you ever done anything that landed you in financial trouble? Has somebody else’s action ever caused you financial ruin? What happened?
Not entirely. Just about my entire life has been one big financial trouble, although I say that with a certain lack of seriousness. I have a house, I have a car, and I eat every day, so things are ok. This last year has been extremely tough as I’ve attempted to succeed on my own in an economy that wasn’t helpful towards that cause. Things have recently begun to look more positive, but you never know.

4. Take a stroll down memory lane. There is a song, that every time you hear it, you think of this one person. What’s the song, who is the person, and what memories does it conjure up?
Oh, far too many to mention. I have a song for just about every instance of my life, but the one single song that will always stand out would be ‘Radio King’ by Golden Smog. Prior to settling down as a married man I took a cruise with three friends where I met a french girl named Julie, and we pretty much immediately hit it off. For six days we were the best of friends, and to this day she remains one of only two girls I’ve ever sung to (the other being Mrs. Jessup). We sat out under the stars on the front of the SS Norway and, for no good reason, I broke out into singing this song. The moment has always been there, and I’m guessing always will be.

5. Are there any occasions when you feel like you are missing out on something that everyone else seems to enjoy?
Just about every song you’ll ever hear on the radio. I’m an odd specimen and I’m nothing if not my own person, so just about everything you listen to or watch is completely lost on me. Sitcoms, for instance.

6. What phrases “push your buttons” and why?
“Please and thank you.” Didn’t give me much of a chance to tell you to shove it, did ya?

7. Do you believe in life after death? What do you believe happens when our time is up?
I’m a nice, God-fearing, church-going religious boy so I’m pretty much all over the Biblical idea of what happens. Alas, we shall never know until it’s too late to share with friends.


I miss the old days.

Good day, everyone. Hope everyone’s doing well.

So here it is, Wednesday, and I’m feeling guilty for not blogging before now like I said I would. Problem is, I don’t really have a topic in mind, either. So, to steal a page from Rick’s book, here’s your Slightly Delayed Monday Mission(TM).

1. Friday I wrote about “People I Can Do Without.” How about adding to the list with a few people you can live without?
Yeah, I can come up with a few… how about people who let their kids run around yelling and screaming – inside – and not doing a thing about it (I used to work at an amusement park); people who figure they can hit me up for free advice on how to fix their computer whenever they see me (I’m a computer consultant); and people who have no common sense whatsoever (as I have to live in this world with them). Gee, do I sound bitter? While we’re at it, someone buy me this tshirt.

2. Have you ever felt like someone truly respected you? What does being respected mean to you personally?
There are times when I feel respected, but to be brutally honest, not nearly as often as I would hope. I try and make a point of telling people that I respect how I feel, and I know that I don’t do it as often as I should, but even so… I dunno. Nobody ever does that with me. Being respected (to me) means that you’ll do what you promise me you’ll do, show up on time for plans (or at least phone me to tell me that you’re going to be late), don’t ditch me at the last second (and make me phone you to find that out) and most of all, listen to what I have to say. I am a man of few words, and that’s usually because I only open my mouth to say something if it’s meaningful.

3. In (past or current) relationships, what is the “one thing” your partner would change about you if they could?
I have to be careful with this one, because I know my girlfriend is going to read it. :) I think I’d have to say that she’d change my inferiority complex. I’m sure that both she and Rick would say that I tend to find people disrespecting me where no foul was intended, and over the years it’s built itself up into an inferiority complex. Every now and again I’ll get depressed over it, and I’m sure she’d like to see that change.

4. Have you ever tried to change who you are to please someone? How did that turn out?
I can honestly say that I try not to, but I know that I’ve failed. There was a point in time where I was a different person with each person I knew. But for the past what, 8-10 years or so, I’ve defined myself as a person and adopted a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude about it. Not saying that I’m a hard person to get along with, but I became tired of wearing so many masks. So, what you see is what you get, which is how I think it should be.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight? Can it really happen?
I suppose that it can happen, but I can’t say that I’ve experienced it myself. To me, a relationship is more meaningful if you have to work at it a bit rather than just have it fall into your lap like that.

6. Today is “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” in the United States. King’s non-violent protests against unequal treatment of African-American people led to radical change in America, and ultimately, his assassination in 1968. How have Rev. King’s accomplishments impacted or influenced your life?

Y’know, that’s a really good question. And I don’t know if I know the answer to it, to be honest. I was lucky enough to grow up in Bolton, like Rick, and I can’t say that I’ve ever really seen any unequal treatment or racism first-hand here. Now, granted, when I was growing up there weren’t many black families here, so it might just be that I didn’t get the opportunity to see hatred because there wasn’t anyone to hate, but… *shrug*. I do know that I have a friend over the Internet who is black and living in West Virginia, and he experiences racism on a daily basis, and it boils my blood to see that people are still so ignorant in this day and age, but there’s not much I can do about it other than listen to his problems and try and help him through it. Not much, I know, but everyone needs someone to listen to them.

7. In America, our President declared yesterday to be “National Sanctity of Life Day.” While it enacts no change in policy or program, it does allow our country’s leader to make a declarative statement about abortion. How do you feel when you hear about a government taking a position such as this?
I feel it is the responsibility of the government to take a stand on every issue, whether it’s popular or not. They are elected to represent the people, and if they’re wishywashy about things then they’re not doing their duly elected duties. However, I do find it rather telling that “Dubya” is declaring a day “National Sanctity of Life Day” when they’re gearing up for a war. It’s like handing someone an olive branch then slapping them one.

Anyways, that’s it for me for now. I’ll try and get annoyed about something later so I’ll have material for a second post. :)

Monday Mission 2.50

I know I’ve been bad at updates, but then again, all of you have been bad at leaving comments. so we’re both to blame. Take that. Things shouldn’t get much better as I’ll be spending the holidays with family on both sides (wife’s and mine). Then, January 4th, I’m on a business trip to Sweden until the 9th. Woohoo! Anyways, PromoGuy brings us the Monday Mission…

1. So, what do you want for Christmas this year that you probably won’t get?
Definitely the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 3-disc Box Set (Canada | USA). I love the movie and all DVD versions of the film are being pulled off the shelves on December 31st, so I really kinda want this before then. But I have a feeling that if I get E.T. at all it’ll be the 2-disc version.

2. What do you know you will be receiving for Christmas this year?
The usual suspects would be Bluenotes jeans, Dockers, socks, and underwear. A sweater is likely to work it’s way in there too. Of the new recruits, I’m almost positive Mar’s going to get me the Owen Hart biography (Canada | USA).

3. If you had the means to do so, what presents would you get some of our fellow bloggers? Be specific, it’s more fun that way!
Definitely track down the Warren Commission Volumes for Alex, although they cost quite a few thousand US dollars, so I need to be rich first. Now, after perusing some wishlists, The Goonies DVD (Canada | USA) for Chris Pirillo, a WTF? tee for Goalie Girl, Twin Peaks First Season DVD (Canada | USA) for PromoGuy, and the Clerks SE DVD (Canada | USA) for Julie.

4. Do you support any organizations that provide for the less fortunate during the holidays? Or do any volunteer work?
Now you make me feel guilty. In yet another fine act of procrastination during the holidays I put off volunteering to mind a kettle for the Salvation Army and I’ve now run out of time. I really wish I had made the time, and y’all need to hold me to that next year.

5. What is the most recent thing guilt has motivated you to do?
Well, guilt is motivating me to write out my Christmas cards and pray to God they make it to everyone on time. Which reminds me, if you want a Christmas card make sure you e-mail me your address. I always send funny ones so it’ll be worth your while. :)

6. Are there any examples of excessive commercialism and/or blatant disregard for the “Christmas Spirit” that really get under your skin?
There’s one in specific, and I won’t link links. Someone out there has noted on their blog that they’re “tired of the religious side of Christmas”, which I have been shaking my head at for a week now. What kind of idiot says that? It’s a religious holiday! Feel free to celebrate Festivus and proclaim your hatred for religion, it’s your blog, but to say you hate the religious element of Christmas makes you about as smart as a bag of rocks.

7. What would you like to teach the world?
Patience, understanding, and acceptance.

Wow, that’s a lot of links today. Cheers!

Monday Mission 2.49

I’ve been pretty lazy with the updates lately, things are just too busy to remember I’m supposed to type something. Besides, when I post an entry for the sake of posting an entry it usually just sucks anyways. At least today, courtesy of our friend PromoGuy, we’ve got the Monday Mission.

1. Do you get sick very often? What illness do you find that you’ve had most frequently?
I’m a rare breed of both accident prone and too stubborn for his own good. So whilst I do frequently get sick or injured, I rarely allow it to alter my routine, which means a lack of correct healing/improvement. I’ll get a bout of Sinusitis almost without fail every winter, and the flu every second year. My big problem, as frequent readers know, are the injuries. And I’m unhappy to report that my shoulder has reseparated since last we talked.

2. Do you mind going to see the Doctor when you get sick? Do you know anyone who just refuses to go to a Doctor when they get ill? Any idea why they are like that?
To me, a doctor is there to be visited a) yearly, for a physical, or b) during emergency cases when dealing with it isn’t cutting it. I am not one of those people that goes for pills and prescriptions the moment they have a sniffle. Those people irritate me, because they waste tax dollars and valuable doctor time from those that actually need it. The last time I saw a doctor was two weeks after I tore the ligaments in my ankle, when I realized my “turned ankle” wasn’t going to get better. Colds, migraines, the flu.. sissy stuff. Take some Neo Citran/Advil and go to bed. :)

3. How about visiting the Dentist? Do you go get a check-up every 6 months? Or do you dread going?
I do dread going to the dentist, but I have pretty much made it at least once a year for all my 28. The problem was always, as a kid, my adult teeth began growing in before my baby teeth were ever loose. So, before my teens, I’d probably had about 8-10 teeth pulled and it wasn’t fun. I’m always nervous walking in the door.

4. Have you ever taken any diet pills, energy pills or energy drinks? How did they make you feel? Do you still take them? How come?
I’ve frequently taken energy drinks and bars, but not for weight loss. I actually take them for energy, before sports or on a morning when I need a boost and don’t want coffee. They’re pretty good. As for diet pills, no, never. There’s only one way to lose weight – moderated eating and exercise. Anyone that tells you differently is a liar. If I peed on your head and told you it was raining, would you believe me?

5. Have you heard about “Gastric Bypass” surgery that many celebrities are doing to loose weight? (The process reduces the size of your stomach to facilitate weight loss) What are your thoughts on this procedure? Would you ever consider it? How would you feel if a relative were to decide to undergo the procedure?
Well, first, how do I feel about it? It’s fine, except when people like Carnie Wilson start doing the talk show circuit holding up their massive pants and proclaiming how “they did it”. No, they didn’t. Doctors did it. It’s fine if that’s what they want to do, but don’t start pretending your years of sacrifice and effort have finally paid off. That said, no, I’d never get it done. If a relative was getting it done, that would be their decision. Aside from the dangers of surgery present that make me nervous anytime a family member goes under the knife, I could care less.

6. What do you think the opposite sex needs to experience to fully understand what it is like to be your gender?
There’s no way to really understand. People have tried dressing up as the opposite sex, and that would work to a certain degree, but there are certain things we’ll just never know.

7. What’s the most worthless gadget, infomercial item or “looked like a bargain” item you have ever purchased or owned?
My first two cars. Cheap, seemed good, cost me my life savings and forced me to start again at age 23. Bah.