migraines suck

time to type in all lower case again, means i’ve managed to grab another migraine. i left at 11:30 today for buffalo to pick Rob and his girlfriend Carrie up at the airport from their cruise on the Grand Princess, which looks more like a huge iron than a cruise ship. i just got back now and my head hurts, at some point my neck cracked and that always sets it off. i did managed to get lunch at Bennigans which makes it all worthwhile.

now for the other news – for reasons that will become clear in the new year i’ll likely soon be changing the url to this site. i haven’t finalized my plans for a new url, so if you’ve got some ideas, flip’em my way. there’s one i’m fixated on that’s the likely winner, but suggestions are always good. this site will likely change rather abruptly, and rather significantly, come january.

time to go watch the leafs beat the bruins (fingers crossed)


.. must .. get .. Coke ..

We had the pleasure of having Andy, his wife Catherine, and their new baby girl, Madeline Emma, over to the house for an hour or so on Saturday. We hadn’t seen them in quite some time, and we hadn’t seen the little one yet, so it was great to catch up. Poor Maddie had a cold she’d caught at the doctor’s office and she was quite tired. Still, she’s unbelievably cute and loves to laugh and smile. As Andy noted, she has her Mom’s dimples. He also introduced us to the fact that the baby LOVES one particular noise, then proceeded to make snorting pig noises at her while she giggled out loud and smiled broadly. Here are some pics of the cute little three-month-old:

Madeline Emma Szabo 1 Madeline Emma Szabo 2 Madeline Emma Szabo 3 Madeline Emma Szabo 4

Almost time to bring on the blitz here – as part of the myCaledon website I’ve cut a deal with the folks at Delivery.ca to try and bring Internet-ordered delivery to the town of Caledon. Now I just have to convince all the local delivery restaurants to come on board. This town is so full of teenagers and busy moms and dads that I’m pretty sure it’s a great service – it’s just, sometimes, people just don’t understand how powerful a marketing tool the Internet can be. They won’t think twice about spending thousands and thousands on offline items that don’t offer half the ROI that a cheap one-time fee will bring online. Here’s hoping I can convince them..


Get The Trapper.

This will be my last entry until Monday. After my bitter post demanding personal vacation time a week ago or so I took advantage of Mar’s offtime tomorrow and Friday to book some time at the cottage of my friend Craig. This usually involves relaxing, sitting around, fishing with lobsters (don’t ask), and at least one evening of excessive libation inhalation. I blame this on the poor influence of Craig who I once witnessed drinking 38 beers in one day. Regardless of all this, it’s four days in the calming surroundings of Echo Lake in the Muskokas where I will continue my five year quest to catch a fish. Little mofos are going to bite one of these years. ;( And for those of you thinking of breaking into my house and stealing my white tequila I say POO POO! The watchful eyes of a friend of the family will be here to guard over my house AND imported alcohol collection.

I’m going to chalk up the AudioBlog experiment as a rousing failure seeing as I didn’t get ONE comment in the comments area – Kip, the nice guy that he is, at least proved he listened to it with a Zonkboard post. As for the Trapper…

Kip can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to guess this is dating circa 1993 or so. We could drive, I remember that. We headed out to Bramalea City Centre where we went shopping for stupid toys. We each got a Nerf gun with foam darts and a Cookie Monster figurine. We then headed to the Beer Store with the intention of buying something we’d never heard of. We scoured the wall until one of us noticed a bottle of “Niagara Trapper” featuring a non-glossy label housing a drawing of a lumberjack kayaking down a river. This was the winner. I walked up to the cashier and requested a 6 of Niagara Trapper. His normal process of glazingly repeating the order through the microphone without so much as looking up was stirred when he realized what was happening. He glanced up and asked “Niagara Trapper?” I said yes, and pointed towards it. He gets on the mic and announces “get the trapper”. THE Trapper. We headed to my house with “the Trapper”, chock full of an inch high layer of dust, our toys, and decided to order the “ultimate pizzas”. I have no idea what was on them, I just remember they were medium pizzas from 241 and each had to have about 7 toppings. We then shot our Nerf guns, ate pizza, drank Trapper, and played electric guitar while watching TV and recording everything on audio cassette. I distinctly remember one conversation detailing how “hot” the girl in the Freedom 55 ad and other assorted ramblings of 19 year olds who had just eaten their weight in pizza, drank their weight in Trapper, and shot each other silly with Nerf foam darts.

Coming next week – the even more entertaining tail of Kip being pulled over by the cops while walking a block back to his house with an armful of Trapper empties and a bag of toys. :) Actually, Kip, if you’re reading this – send me this account in your own words and I’ll post it up. hehe..

See ya later, all – have a great weekend! Don’t forget to visit me again on Monday, show me some love. :(


RIP Nilton Fernandes

I just got word that a TV review columnist for the Wrestling Observer, Nilton Fernandes, passed away yesterday. He was pinned between two semi-trailers at work as one backed up. He was crushed and didn’t make it. The saddest part of the whole thing?

He was 22.

I read Nilton’s work every week – I thought he was well older than 22. He was full of knowledge, he was informed, he was entertaining. He was a great read. I now know that he was a student at the University of Manitoba while working in his off-hours, and of course, writing at night. It’s amazing how many things are taken for granted, even small things. Tuesday morning I logged on to the site purposely to read Nilton’s review of Raw. I had seen the show, I just found Nilton’s reviews entertaining and I wanted to read what he had to say. I won’t have that opportunity again. That doesn’t come anywhere close to the fact that his close friends and family won’t have a chance to even see him again.

RIP, Nilton. Wherever you are, know you were appreciated while you walked amongst us – even from those of us who never met you.

However, in the face of tragedy we can always look for good news from other sources. I’m going to take this forum and moment to congratulate Angela and Wayde on the announcement of their pending first child! Way to go, you two! :)


Zee Needles – Zey Are Hard to Chew..

I’m tired of working. Tired of working long hours. Tired of working at this desk in my office like a shut-in. Tired of working really hard for what seems like nothing. I really need a vacation. Bah.

Looks like I might actually make it to Vegas this time, for the first time. Steve offered me the chance to share his room with him, and another friend has hooked me up with his personal travel agent who should be able to get me a good deal on a flight. That leaves me with very little excuse NOT to go – and if I go, I don’t have a laptop computer to bring with me. Although I’ll likely spend every waking minute wondering if my sites are still up and alive, it’s probably for the better.

Tomorrow I’m going to blend up a prickly pear cactus, mix it with some tequila, a little cointreau, some lemon, and watch me some WWE SmackDown while sampling the pride of Mexico. It’s always nice to have things to look forward to, and for my friends who know how little I drink, the very idea of me planning a cactus margarita a day ahead of time is likely funny. Who cares, it tastes good and I’ve never eaten a cactus before.

ADDENDUM: It has come to my attention that digitaljaz.com is NOT mother approved. In fact, many mothers have been known to find some distaste in much of the content – namely, the content Alex and Mikey DO approve of. It’s all so confusing to me.