Why You Think The Net Was Born?

Had a chance to pop by Craig and Cheryl’s last night for dinner and ’24’, both of which were quite good. Samantha, who some of you remember from this old post, is my new best friend. We’ve always gotten along but, for some reason, I now seem to make her laugh whenever I see her. She even ran upstairs yesterday to get her little brother Justin to “come see Rick”, which he did. He’s super cute because he’s grown two bottom teeth in the centre, and two top teeth as little fangs, so his mouth fits together like a little puzzle. They’ve promised me some new updated pictures shortly, and when I get them, I’ll put’em up.

Oh, and before I go, ‘Lost’ fans check out this well-researched theory. I suppose it could contain spoilers, but not based on anything publicized, that’s for sure: The Ultimate Theory

Today’s Random Links
Pigs are smarter than dogs and every bit as friendly..
Volcanic Golf.. I got 4,050 points to level 17
Motorist v Courier, courtesy of Cliff
PETA is just plain weird..

Blowing Through the Jasmine

This past weekend was Network Wars 11, and almost nobody could believe we were already at our 11th LAN party. Nerdy? Yes! Fun? Yes! Paul, Mark, and I were threatened with bad things if we were to forgo gaming for guitar, and we stuck to the script more than the others, truth be told. However, we still managed to get some playing in. Better yet, our goal of playing “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Croft all the way through became realized late Saturday. It was LEGENDARY. Classic song, and it shall be the first recorded track when this place gets turned into a studio in time.

Question for everyone – who here has an MP3 player, which one is it, and are you happy with it? I’m in the market very shortly for one and I’m leaning on the iPod Video 30GB. None of them seem to come with AM radio, which I’d use, and the iPod seems to be the popular choice. I use iTunes on this computer and I’m in love with podcasts, so it might be the best selection. Thoughts?


Today’s Random Links
What’s the Internet for….?

And I Love Survivors

It’s a good day to be me today, and here’s why:

The first item is a personally autographed 8×10 of Heidi Strobel from ‘Survivor: Amazon’, obviously to most, one of my favourite shows. My buddy Justin from comomusic.com nabbed it for me and sent it out, and for that I’m quite thankful. We’ll call it payback for introducing him to milk in bags at such a young age.

The second item came from Rocco and Marilyn – two bottles of Coca-Cola with fancy Holiday 2003 labels. I actually didn’t have these in my collection, and bottles are my favourite collectible of all, so these are hella cool.

AND Cliff offered to hook me up with the VH1 broadcast of Extreme perhaps getting reunited tomorrow (my $$ are on no reunion). Oh happy day!


Stumbling Through The Dark

Well, for the first time in almost 5 years I’m actually going to a concert. For the first time in well over that I’m going to a concert of a band I actually want to see. Alex, my good buddy (and guest blogger) from FutureParadigm.com succumbed to my nagging and questions of his aged indifference and inability to be spontaneous and will be hitting the Phoenix tonight for The Jayhawks with Josh Rouse opening. I was prompted into my concert moratorium because both these artists delivered stunning albums in 2003, and because the lead singer of the Jayhawks (Gary Louris) is actually expecting me to be there.

Long story short Kip and I went on a trip to my grandparent’s condo many moons ago to see the Blue Jays in training camp. While there we met Mrs. Kelly, an amazing older lady in an apartment below my grandparents. Us two kids hit it off with her so well we would actually look forward to going to see her again to hear some more of her stories, many of them revolving around her grandson Gary and his band The Jayhawks, who at the time were touring Europe with the Black Crowes. Once back home I picked up their album ‘Hollywood Town Hall‘ and was hooked – it was completely new music to me. Soon after I was on the Internet and discovered this music – known as roots rock or y’alternative at that time – was an entire genre. I began to seek out albums by bands like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Wilco, Blue Mountain, The Bottle Rockets, The Gourds, etc.. and haven’t looked back since.

So, anyways, time to go catch the ‘Hawks for the first time since 1997, and my first concert in almost that long. I shall report back tomorrow.