Oh, Happiness

Super quick post today, partially because I have some exciting news to share, but mostly because I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly.

I just placed an order with www.torontobrewing.com for the remainder of the supplies I need to brew beer at home, as well as the malts, hops, and yeast I’ll need for my first batch. This will all become handy on Saturday when I set out to brew my first batch of beer made entirely on my own. I’ve been wanting to do it for a heckuva long time now, and thanks to a second carboy acquisition for my birthday from my sister, I’m ready to give it a go.

So for those that care about these things the plan is a grain bag filled with roasted barley malt, black malt, and some President’s Choice Organic Oatmeal. This will be chased with 3.3lbs each of two types of dry malt extract: Dark and light. For hopping I’m going with Northern Brewer and Nugget for bittering, East Kent Goldings for flavour, and whole leaf Cascades to finish. I’m currently planning a cup each of brown sugar and dark molasses as I’m a fan of high alcohol, sweet stouts.

If all goes well this batch should be ready to taste in about three weeks, and ready to share in about five. A quick, simple batch to start before I start my extreme brewing operation from the confines of my kitchen. Here goes nothing…


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