Beer 11 of 28: Founders Breakfast Stout

An 8.3% Imperial Stout from Grand Rapids, MIThe Beer: An 8.3% IPA from Grand Rapids, MI
The Location: Jay’s place

Kurt was pretty excited to share this one with me, knowing I’m essentially one of the world’s biggest stout whores. Since taking the plunge and trying a Guinness I’ve gone about not only trying to track down every beer I can, but specifically as many different stouts as possible. Discussions of the greatest stouts will invariably, at some point, involve the words Founders Breakfast Stout.

Why breakfast stout? Simple: The use of breakfast ingredients in the making of it. In this particular case it’s flaked oats and both Sumatra and Kona coffee, alongside a dollop of chocolate. The pour was near jet black, thick and viscous, with a tan head on top. The most noticeable thing in both the aroma and taste is that Sumatra and Kona coffee, a boatload of it. Balancing that is a sweetness from the chocolate and malts, all of it in a great, thick mouthfeel. A solid stout, just as I’d hoped.

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