Beer 10 of 28: Nørrebro Bryghus La Granja Stout

A 7.5% Sweet Stout from København, DenmarkThe Beer: A 6.5% IPA from København, Denmark
The Location: Jay’s place

This sweet stout from Denmark is well regarded enough on its own before word got around, just prior to the announcement of its pending arrival, that a shipment of maple syrup from Frank Higgins in Combermere, Ontario had made its way to the Nørrebro Bryghus brewery. Turns out that the brewmaster was going to offer a special treat to Ontarian craft beer fans – a version of their La Granja Stout made with real Ontario maple syrup! Now THAT’S some beer love right there.

She poured near pitch black, a little brown around the edges, and with a very nice, foamy tan head on top. The aroma was sweet with a boatload of coffee, inviting and exciting. The taste was mostly coffee, subtle sweetness that isn’t necessarily discernible as maple syrup, but is balancing and pleasant regardless.

It was right around this time I toqued up, threw the acoustic seen in the pic on my shoulder, and saddled up to a microphone for the first time in my long career of amateur guitar noodling to blast through a few rounds of covers on “Waiting for the Sun” by The Jayhawks. My tasting notes added but one final farewell to this review: “I ROCK!”

Clearly these beers were taking hold.

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