Beer 5 of 28: North Shore P.O.’d Pumpkin

A Pumpkin Ale from Port Stanley, ONThe Beer: A Pumpkin Ale of unknown strength from Port Stanley, ON
The Location: Jay’s place

The second of Kurt’s homebrews for the evening, and about the closest to an annual seasonal we’ve come to expect from our talented friend. One of Kurt’s most famed and requested brews is a heavily hopped pumpkin ale featuring hops grown from his own garden. This would be my first chance to try the popular beer and I was ready to go!

Poured darker than expected but still an amber-orange with a massive foamy white head on top. The aroma offered tons of floral and peppery hops and a bounty of fresh pumpkin. Kurt noted to me that unlike many pumpkin beers that make use of canned pumpkin puree (one of the best canned products you can use, by the way), Kurt actually used real, roasted pumpkin. You can tell, especially in the taste. Just bursts of caramelized, roasted pumpkin and cinnamon, tons of great flavour. Sweet, demerara sugar and tons of hops close it off inside a thick, almost oily mouthfeel. Just a really well done beer, and I don’t even typically like pumpkin beers!

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