28 in 28 Challenge

Nothing forces one to return to blogging quite like a goal, so a goal I have. In the midst of my attempts to make my way in a new job and further my health goals with a Q1 challenge I have taken it upon myself to work on clearing out my 200-bottle beer cellar. I had originally proposed to my wife that I would make this a 40-in-40 Lent Challenge. Those of you who know her can anticipate her reaction. My argument – Jesus turned water into wine at the end of a wedding when people had already had their fill of wine, thus he clearly has no issue with my drinking. Further, as I like Jesus and not religion what better way to combat the shackles of religion than a drinking challenge around a popular religious series of days?

So here I am, relegated to the shortest month of the year. The 28-in-28 Challenge. I have to drink 28 different beers in 28 days. Not necessarily 28 beers I’ve never had – I’ll try to track as many of those down as I can – but 28 different beers in 28 days. And my goal is to have one of my own brewed before this is done.

Oh, and I’m not alone. My buddy in brewing, beer and blues is worth reading as well: jrazyblog.


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