Homebrew Review: Fat Tire Clone

Homebrew from brewsandbooks.comAs previously noted I had the chance to do an in-person trade with Josh over at brewsandbooks.com that, amongst a plethora of awesome beers, also included two bottles of his homebrew. Tonight I ended my casual weekend with a clone of New Belgium Fat Tire he had produced.

The Pour: It poured a pretty solid, slightly opaque amber colour. Thick carbonation is present, but no head appeared for me.

The Aroma: The aroma is heavily malty and biscuity, slightly toasted bread and a hint of spicy, floral hops.

Mouthfeel: I couldn’t get over how smooth it is, well brewed to a terrific mouthfeel that makes it really easy to drink.

The Taste: Again, a very malty taste, seems reminiscent of Cooper’s Sparkling Ale, leading me to think it may use their malt extract. Caramel and toffee, slightly grassy and very dry. There’s a hint of hopping that’s more evident in the aftertaste. I can imagine drinking a few of these, and I must note I far prefer it to the real thing. Good work!

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