Box Full of Letters

“I just can’t find the time to write my mind the way I want it to read.”

I should be finishing up the backlog of vacation related posts, yet I’m somehow unable to continue doing it. I’ll likely get to it, if for nothing else than I like to revisit previous trips later, and remind myself of what I enjoyed the first time around. But all I can think about right now is passion.

  • I have a lot of passions, those close to me know this. I love craft beer, and crossed my 700th trial off the list on this trip. I drink it, I collect it, I store it in a cellar, I review and rate them, and I’ve even started dabbling in brewing it myself.
  • My favourite sport, at risk of deportation, is baseball. The mental aspect of pitcher vs. batter has always intrigued me. Further, baseball stadiums hold something in their atmosphere you can’t find in other sports. Thus, I’m doing all I can to visit every park in MLB.
  • I cook. A lot. My favourite show at 8 years old was Wok With Yan. I started cooking without assistance a little younger than that age. I’ve run my brother-in-law’s restaurant. I’ve even written an ebook of recipes for a friend’s health book.
  • I’ve played guitar since 1990, rarely travel without one, and have written and recorded for decades.
  • Health, running, nutrition, photography.. they keep lining up.

But if you asked most people what Rick “is addicted to”, chances are the answer surrounds the Internet or social networks, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The web was always a social tool for me, from days on newsgroups to chat boards to ICQ (948133!) to MySpace I’ve always been passionate about meeting people online, sharing of information and resources, and building legitimate relationships there. Yet this passion that has turned into a career has directly come alongside a lack of passion to do what brought me to the dance – blog. When it meant nothing I could blog daily, over 3,000 times for over a decade. Today? The elongated lapses continue. Have I just replaced my venue of choice for opinion and editorial? Or am I just seeking a new muse?

I can say this – I need inspiration, and I realize that. The last time I felt it was sitting in a cantina in Rocky Point, Mexico discussing social media with a total stranger. How do I bottle that?

One thought on “Box Full of Letters

  1. The last time I was uninspired Was Feb 8th 2010. So. On feb 11th 2010 I walked into my employer and quit. I wanted to take a 4 month mini retirement to best determine what it was I wanted… What I was missing…what inspiration I was searching for… And 6 weeks later I realized it.

    Sure this was drastic… But so was the change I wanted! Only you can find your inspiration ;)

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