White Winter Hymnal

While I’m finding myself cautiously pessimistic towards Barack Obama’s chances of being the success the world seems to be demanding of him I do acknowledge being drawn in to his story to a certain degree. Hot on the heels of a day celebrating one of history’s greatest fighters of racial equality we’ll witness arguably the most powerful position in the world – for the first time – being secured by an African-American. Those who know me well know I position myself in a rather awkward place on the racial equality scale: One who staunchly disagrees with racial prejudice, but who almost as staunchly supports an understanding and acceptance of the inherent differences between all of us. I find the common racial view is far too close to whitewashing, whereas the truth is that be it race or gender, there are differences between us. Celebrate that which makes us different. I only hope this is a day we’ll look back on in 15 years as the day real racism took another nail to its coffin.

My favourite dishrag, The Toronto Star, posted a small aside in their Metro daily today discussing the “Dumbest president?” A rather amusing story of William H Harrison who, wearing no winter clothes to his 1841 inauguration in 9°C weather, caught a pneumonia and died only a month into his Presidency. Which makes the fact it’s not true so upsetting. It’s not like the Star to just make crap up.

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Today’s Random Links
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Tips for future dumb criminals.

6 thoughts on “White Winter Hymnal

  1. Oooh, you evil, Rick. You actually made your blog interesting/curious enough for me to click that link about W H Harrison to read up on some history on U.S. presidency. Boo.

  2. Possible T-shirts to wear:
    overanything 316
    Toronto Star is propaganda
    The Illuminati supports the ECHL
    Dizzy Trout
    The thing is – I can’t see myself wearing only a T-shirt in the month of December

  3. There are many things I don’t like about Obama and his political views.
    1. His affiliation with ACORN — basically endorsing voter fraud.
    2. His affiliations with Ayers, Wright and muslim leaders.
    3. His “Spread The Wealth” — it is complete socialism. I believe a person should earn their own wage — and if they choose not to, they government should not take from the workers to give to the non-workers. You are penalizing responsibility and wealth.
    4. His lack of experience as a politician — he has about the same experience Sarah Palin did, and she was criticized for it — he is lauded all the while being a senator for what — 2 years — most of which he voted “present”.
    Those are the main reasons I dislike the guy — I actually only voted for McCain to keep Obama out — I am not much of a McCain guy either.

  4. I am truly impressed by Rainbow Trout’s knowledgeable analysis. Bravo Rainbow!

  5. Rainbow Trout:
    Why are you troubled by Obama’s relationship to Muslim leaders? (I assume you didn’t capitalize the M simply out of forgetfulness, rather than intentional disrespect). He also claims to have close ties to Christian leaders, yet that doesn’t seem to have registered on your radar of discomfort.
    I’m intrigued.

  6. PS – Rick, your “Why House shouldn’t…” and “Tips for future dumb criminals” links are the same in “Today’s Random Links.”
    Also, have you updated Deadpool standings? I was not shut out.

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