KP’s Last Words

Well, I suppose this will be my last post–much to the delight of House and Trout–because Rick is scheduled to return tomorrow.
Anyway, I don’t think I “entertained” anyone here–Rick’s intent when he gave a few of us posting access–but it was a change of pace for sure.
Here are a few more random rants:
1) A couple days ago, I’d written that I was a Jesse Litsch fan given the way he’s pitched for the Blue Jays. However, I can’t say the same thing for Boston’s Jon Lester, who pitched a no-hitter today.
Yes, yes, Lester has battled cancer and was able to thrive, pitching in last year’s World Series clincher and now pitching a no-no.
But that’s exactly my point: Lester is anything but an underdog. He has it all–success, pitching for one of baseball’s best teams, a World Series ring, etc.
Lester’s the anti-Litsch, who has to pitch for a mediocre Toronto ballclub that can’t score runs.
Hopefully Litsch will be able to continue pitching well and lead the Jays to glory.
Lester? Well, he’s got it all, who cares about him…
2) It appears that only a few teams can battle back from 0-3 deficits. The Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks teased hockey fans this spring, but ultimately couldn’t get the job done.
Lesson? Show up for the first few games of the series! Jeez.
And someone made a dumb comment on radio the other day, saying Boston was the first NBA team to win the first two rounds, each in seven full games. Duh, real smart comment, seeing that the best-of-seven was just introduced a couple seasons ago. Brilliant statement.
It’s a pity that the New Orleans Hornets couldn’t beat San Antonio in Game Seven tonight. It would have been a great story, but the Hornets blew a 2-0 series lead and lost the final game at home.
The Hornets won their previous three home games by about 20 points each time, but the Spurs won their own home games by about the same margin each time too, setting the stage for Game Seven.
So, now the Spurs get the Lakers, and even the NBA has a chance this year for its dream matchup: Lakers vs. Celtics (who take on the Pistons in the conference finals).
Of course, in the NHL, it’s Pittsburgh-Detroit.
3) It appears I top out at roughly 18,000 words.
I finished off another manuscript, and the word count was just over 18,000. I don’t do this on purpose, but it seems that’s all I can come up with in any single piece.
The first manuscript, “Sweet Voice of Innocence”, had roughly the same number. The second, “False Ex-Pectations”, the same.
I didn’t have a hard time coming up with the appropriate titles for those first two, but am struggling with this third one.
Will have to think more on No. 3 before selecting a winning title!
Well, Rick will be back Tuesday, so I’m outta here!

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