Less Than You Think

So Sunday brought about the early birthday dinner with my family over here after following weekends were proving difficult for the gang to get together. Since it was my choice I decided to introduce the family to West 50, not terribly far from the new office here. Everyone had a good time, the food was quite nice, and people seemed to be enjoying the different beers. Mary and I split the Smoked Paprika Dusted Crispy Calamari and it was excellent, served with a mild lemon yogourt dipping sauce. I’m loving yogourt dipping sauces as they offer health benefits, and I’m really not finding a loss in flavour from sour cream or mayo based sauces and dips. I moved on to the Mexican Enchilada Burger with Chorizo Sausage and their featured soup, a Thai Beef and Vegetable. I believe amongst the rest of the gang there were: Spring Roll Sampler, Spicy Thai Chicken Satay Pizza, Cuban Roasted Pork Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, and Olaf’s Schnitzel. No disappointments this time, as expected the kitchen is churning out quality food regularly now. There was too much beer flowing to recall what everyone had, although I do remember I tried the Niagara Eisbock, Warsteiner Premium Dunkel, St Ambroise Pale Ale, Belhaven 70 Shilling, and for dessert, St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. My thanks to my parents, Kim, and Jeff for covering the night on behalf of my pending 33rd, it was great fun.

Yesterday, however, not great fun. Sunday night I stepped on my guitar case and sliced open the bottom of my foot on the latch, making it hard to walk. Got to my car and found the windshield washer fluid frozen again, regardless of promises of “anti-freeze”. Almost ran out of gas on the way to work after taking a northern trip to Hockley to research a location for a future golf tournament I’ll be organizing. Took over an hour to get back, but happily stopped at Starbucks on the way. Proceeded to spill my first expensive drink since I started here on the floor of my car, and then realized when I arrived I’d left my key card at home and couldn’t get in. Long day.

Perhaps not as long as the drive home Friday night during which, for the second time, my bladder did not outlast my commute. Much like the storied drive to Ottawa many moons ago I was stuck in the nasty traffic on Friday night and realized there was no way, going stop’n’go along the back roads, that I would make it to a bathroom. Thankfully, I had my two 1.5L bottles of water with me, one of which I had emptied already. So, yes, I proceeded to fill it with nary any shame nor discretion. Filled it. 1.5L. Heck, at least it gave me a story.

Time to work..

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  1. Your wife must be so proud.

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