Driven To Tears

The rumours of my demise have been.. wrong. It would be nice to make up some excuse about how I’ve been working long hours with no time to post, but that’s lying. I’ve been coming home to crash and either play Guitar Hero or watch television, for the most part. Apologies.

The good news is I’m loving the job so far. Elements of it seem odd, and I’ve never worked for such a large company with such established ways of doing business. Oddly, nobody in the entire marketing department – comprising half a floor – seems to have more than 18 months tenure, including an average of three months or so in my direct group. What that likely means is that the flow of ideas that should have taken place hasn’t, and I’m somewhat free to be creative and do things my way within reason. I’ll detail more of what goes on as time goes forward.
In other news, I present some rules of the road I’ve earned in my first 12 days of driving to and from Mississauga:

  • When selecting a lane – one occupied by a truck, one by a car – pick the truck. They go faster.
  • Women drive sports utility vehicles.
  • Sports utility vehicles, by and large, seem occupied by people who can’t drive. Logically deduce at will.
  • Starbucks will soon serve granola. I know this because I tried it. What does it have to do with driving? I ate it in my car.
  • The difference between 7:30 and 7:45 is about three stops on the 410.
  • The difference between 5:00 and 5:10 is about 10 minutes out of the company driveway.
  • Bob McCown rules and makes the drive home entertaining, no matter what Mark says.
  • I am officially the last person alive who knows the left lane is supposed to be for passing, not cruising at the speed you feel comfortable at and to he!! with everyone else.
  • After 45 minutes in the car I have to pee like a racehorse. My commute is one hour each way.

That’s it for now, all true. I’m still researching whether Derringer on Q107 is, indeed, Bob McCown as I have always suspected. I’ll report back with findings.

9 thoughts on “Driven To Tears

  1. Bob McCown is a tool. All he does is sit around being fat and picking fights with people on the radio because for some reason he thinks he knows everything… Stupid gypsy pig.
    Oh and I totally know what you mean about that 45mins into the drive you gotta go. What is up with that?

  2. Bob McCown indeed is a complete tool. He is pompous, stupid, arrogant and more repeaative to listen to than Howard Stern. He is unoriginal and quite unenjoyable. He ranks up there with John Madden and Don Cherry is leaving me scratching my head as to how people actually enjoy listening to their spew.
    And don’t get me started on my bladder.

  3. *shrug*
    I love the guy, he makes the drive home entertaining and worthwhile. Without him I’d be forced to listen to 680news traffic and 680news sports and 680news business with 680news weather on 680news.
    And you have to admit, McCown’s show gets the best guests. Except Sam Mitchell on Wednesday mornings with Landry and Stellick, that dude is hilarious.

  4. Does anyone understand why he feels the need to wear sunglasses indoors all the time? Does he think thats cool?
    God I hate him. He is one of the few people that I saw him in public I would kick him straight in the jimmy.

  5. Bob McCown used to do the PA announcing at Exhibition Stadium back in 1977. During one of the games while I was coming to bat, he announces my name, but, stupid McCown left the mic on and says watch him hit a Home Run. Sure enough I hit a Home Run off Jesse Jefferson. McCown then alledges some sports writer comes running into the booth exclaiming ask him who he likes in the 5th race at Woodbine.
    McCown is so full of kaka. I hated him then and I hate him even more now.

  6. Yo McCown remember that sports show we used to host back in the 1980’s on CJCL “Talking of Sports”. I often told you how much of a dumb jerk and moron you were. I am happy to say, my opinion on you has only lessened.

  7. Bill those were good times. But trust me, my hatred of McCown far exceeds your despise of him.

  8. God, the Zonk masturbation has bled to the comments…

  9. have you seen the open source guitar hero clone on windows that works with the guitar? it lets you add your own songs too

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